Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanted: Interior Decorator

I have been sensing my decorating style changing since we've moved. I have an awesome idea of what things will look like in my head and then I try to do it and I fail. I can never get it just the way I want. Also, I would need a lot more money than I get per month (for decorations and such) to do this transformation. If only I had someone to tell me what to do, for free! :)

Anyways, I think I'm going from a "country" style to a more vintage, cozy, classy style. And I decided to start in our bedroom. First, I went to Ross and got a mirror and a few picture frames. I bought a few prints in Paris of, well, Paris and framed those, along with a few edited pictures from France. I'm liking where I'm going with this theme.

I've had my eye on this comforter from Macy's. I liked the blues and patterns and thought I should add some color to our bedroom. I've been waiting and waiting to buy it and it's on sale. I was going to get it online, but I went to the site yesterday and it was regular price. Boo, Macy's! Since I was out today, I thought I would stop by the local Macy's and see if it was on sale there. Yes, it was!

I looked at it and thought about it. I contemplated waiting. I made nice with the sales lady and talked to her about my new decorating ideas. I bought it.

Even though it was on sale, it was a little more than I would like to pay. When she was checking me out, I asked if there was another discount she could offer me. When she suggested a credit card, I kindly declined and told her we don't use credit cards but I would still like a discount. She walked away and came back with a coupon for 15% off. "I found this in the back. Let's try it." Awesome and it worked! Not only did I get the sale price, but another 15% off that! I love that I'm not afraid to ask for something better! The worst they can say is no and it's always worth it!

Anyways, now all I have to do it paint the bedroom and hang everything on the wall and our bedroom will be complete. For a mere $230 (this includes the paint price) I have changed our room. Now, all I need is a queen size iron bed frame and I'm done! :)

P.S. I took the "What's Your Decorating Style" in Real Simple. To find out your style, go here and take the quiz!


Beth said...

The link to the comforter isn't working - at least for me. The page won't load. I also spent a little more than I wanted to on a comforter from Macy's, but I am SO pleased with it. I would definitely buy it again!

And way to go asking for a discount. You're right - the worst they can do is say no. Love it! :)

Courtney said...

I got almost an equal number of Cs and As on that quiz--can I call my style "sophisticated casual?" Is that an oxymoron?

What color are you going to paint? I love colorful walls!

Jeannie said...

I think you have to live in a house for awhile and try things till it feels right. I can't tell you how many times I've switched things up in this house, trying to get a feel for what works. Sometimes I think it'll be YEARS before it looks like MY house, ya know? Trust your gut, try stuff, and read great home magazines!!! :)(Oooh I also love

Anonymous said...

you know who is the best decorator in the universe? Amy! Seriously! Use her skills!!