Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zoo day

Today we went down to the zoo for a bit. The OKC Zoo is really great. It's not too huge and it's not small. Plus, there is a great "children's zoo". I imagine B will love this next year.

We wanted a low key, family time weekend. Things have been so crazy lately with, you know, normal everyday life things: moving, traveling, my washing machine breaking, trying to find the perfect comforter...whew! It was nice to just spend quality time together.

Benjamin loves animals (especially ducks!). He would get pretty excited when we would walk up to anything. He was also very tired, so we only stay for about an hour and a half. This was just enough time to see a rhinoceros, a few giraffes, an ostrich, some zebra, a lot of random wolfs and wild dogs, three sleeping gorillas, an orangutan, two lionesses, some birds and a very hyper monkey (among other things).

I have to say, Patrick and I really love the zoo too! I took a few pictures of the animals, but mainly I took pictures of my wild animal. We can't keep this guy still. He's always on the move! And just for good measure, here is a little (random) update on my crazy guy:

Benjamin weighs 22 pounds and is about 30ish inches tall.
He can say: shoe, daddy, Piper, dog, duck, quack, cat, cracker, outside, more, water, drink, slide and a few other things that I can't remember. Of course, some of these words are things only I can understand :)
He loves being outside and we go to the park almost daily.
He listens fairly well and can do most things that I ask him to do.
He loves to help daddy with whatever Patrick is getting into.
When he wakes up, he'll sit on my lap and babble and talk and move his hands for quite some time. I'm pretty sure we're talking about his dreams or what he woke up thinking about. I mainly ask questions and nod approvingly.
B is a flirt. He loves ladies. It's terrible. He's so young. I have no clue how I'm going to handle this in the future :)
Finally, Benjamin is wonderful and I love him so much :)

Oh, right, zoo you go:

Checking out the rhinos!
Me and B...
Daddy and B, taking a break. We actually wanted the break more than he did... :)
Cute kid
Sitting on the fence, watching the ducks...

Flirting with some little girl that was nearby.
Oh hey, mom, you're killing my smooth moves with the ladies. Pshhhhshhhh..

Looking at some wild cat...Three sleeping gorillas!

We have a family pass so when you come visit us (hint hint), we can go to the zoo!!!


mama cindy said...

A fun day at the Zoo! How wonderful for you and BeBe to have a park so close to your house. He is just............adorable! little man:)

Al said...

I just love zoo days!!

Hope you are well and I just wanted to leave a final comment before we head to Wyoming. Love you friend!