Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friendly visit...

My friend Meghan (and Dylan, of course) came to visit last weekend! It was so great to see her and watch the boys play again. We stayed very busy and Patrick was so sweet to let us escape a few times to do some girl things ($30 mani/pedi, yes please)!

Here are some pictures to recap:

The boys - the first ever picture of both of them looking at me!

Walking around the OKC National Memorial. They were champs. It was muggy.

At the zoo. Climbing the gorilla...
Meghan and I showing you all that we were much more excited than the boys to be at the zoo. Especially after getting a close up of a Tiger and hearing him roar several times. Please don't tell anyone that I'm certain it was my very unhappy and hot, whiny child that annoyed the tiger, causing him to roar endlessly.
At the pool. Dylan is, of course, posing. B, well, he would rather be in the pool. Clearly he hasn't got the fake smile down just yet.
Splash park!!!
We walked around Hefner Lake for a while. A very nice man took this picture for us and also scared Meg enough to make her scream and jump when he asked to take it. Funny.

It was great having my friend in OKC for six days!!! Can't wait to see them again!


mama cindy said...

and a fun time was had by all!!

MeghanMerryFoulk said...

Couldn't have said it better myself friend! Might be my favorite blog post of yours yet...of course because it is all about ME!