Sunday, June 13, 2010

I love weekends like this...

Our weekend was far from boring and I couldn't have been more pleased with that :) Saturday morning, Amy, Luke, B and I met at a blackberry farm and picked berries for a while. It was muggy and warm, but so much fun. My baby loooooves blackberries. He stood by a bush and picked berries off to eat. Too bad he wasn't more helpful in putting the berries into our baskets!

After the berry picking, we headed over to the farmers market to get some produce for the week. Then once Benjamin was down for his nap, I went to a great local coffee shop for some much needed alone time! It was so nice to drink my latte, read my bible and be still. I sometimes forget how necessary that time is to be refreshed so I can be the best wife and momma God has called me to be!

If that was enough fun in a weekend, the Johnson's invited us to go to a baseball game with them today! OKC has a triple A baseball team, the Redhawk's. I love going to baseball games! We had great club seats and ate dinner at the ball park (of course!). A nice guy, who had a suite near our seats, came over and asked if we wanted to hang out in his suite. He told us that he remembers what it was like to bring toddlers to games and wanted us to enjoy ourselves. He was so kind! We spent the rest of the game in an air conditioned room and the boys ran around! Perfect! I love when random kindnesses come our way :)

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all of this. I hope you all had a fun weekend, too!

B chowing on a blackberry.
So serious.
Luke much preferred the sand to the berries.
Going after a berry I was holding in an effort to get him to look at the camera. He instead did some sort of dance and lunged at me.
Oh, what's that you say, his mouth is brown too? Well, that's the dirt he somehow consumed along with the berries (and didn't mind one bit).
First time actually eating pasta with sauce! He finally likes spaghetti!!!
Playing in the water table he just got. Check out Piper eying this thing. After B went to bed, Piper would come up to it and drink the water.
At the game, in our original seats.
Hanging out in the sweet suite (haha).
Cute boy!
McBride's and Johnson's
Amy and I waiting for the boys to finish running on the field. I'm soooo grateful for this gal! I'm totally enjoying getting to know her better (we originally met in TX when our husbands worked together) and spend time with her. Bonus: the more we talk, the more I find out we have in common! What a blessing she is to me and I'm so glad they live in Edmond.
Patrick and Benjamin "running" the bases. Benjamin had to stop at every base and walk over it. It was so funny to watch!
And as a final note - the first thing Troy said as the guys came back was this: "Well I guess we'll have a piece of the field with us for 12 more hours. Yep. Luke ate some of the field." What a good way to end our evening :)

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Luke's Mom said...

Right back at cha, chicky! Oh and thanks for making me tear up :)