Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kitchen deco...

So, I've decorated my green kitchen. I'm by no means a good decorator, but here I am exposing my sense of style to the blog world. The bare green was starting to get to me, so I needed to get on the decorating ball before I felt like I was cooking inside a green bean.

Let's start with the plates. Joy of all joy. I love these plates. When they were arrived at my house (I may or may not have been waiting anxiously, by the door, all day for the UPS man to come) and the box was open, one of the plates was cracked! The horror! I emailed heliotrope right away and they were so awesome to send me another one to replace it. Thanks, heliotrope, for making my decorating dreams come true!

Anways, Target only had three plate hangers. Now I must wait until next week to hang the fourth plate. Impatience is a strong quality of mine. So I obviously hung three plates today.

I made framed art, on the cheap, by cutting up a (beloved) dish towel I had. I bought black 8x10 frames at Walmart (for $3) and got to it. I'm pleased with how they came out. Although, if I could change one thing it would be that the frames would be smaller. Oh well.

While at Walmart, I was browsing the sheets. And then I saw them. Stripped sheets. In the very colors that I wanted to make curtains. So I bought a full sized flat sheet (for $6) in this lovely, colorful stripe. I just had to cut, measure and sew. A bonus: some of the edges are already done because it's a sheet! Brilliant, me!
Here is a expanded view of the eating area. I have not sewn the curtains yet. Maybe I'll have time tomorrow.

And here is the kitchen window with curtain. The trim work is brought to you by the fine workmanship of Walmart sheet makers. Plus, I wanted you to see this badly enough that I didn't even do the dishes in the sink before taking the picture. Real life, baby! And there you have it!


mama cindy said...

Love, love, love it!!! You are becoming quite the interior decorator! :)

Anonymous said...

love it!as for the curtains..oh this is precisely the reason you needed to come teach me to sew befor you moved so very far away!
love the pictures and plates too!


Nathan & Sarah said...

It's lovely! My kitchen is bright green as well. I'm trying to find one of those "writings" for a bulkhead I have that needs something. But I do love your dish idea... that could work well too!

Courtney said...

Love the color!