Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding "Bell's"

We spent the weekend in Lynchburg, VA. Our dear friends, Steve and Brianne, got married!!! We met Steve about three years ago when he was doing his Phd work at IUP. We all became fast friends! Patrick and Steve have a great connection and can talk and share so much. Their minds work in similar ways - it's scary :)

Brianne came into the picture and we heard a lot about this girl one summer. Once we met her, we knew this was it! Brianne and I are a lot alike and have such a kindred spirit. I love spending time with her and wished we all lived closer to each other.

Steve asked Patrick to be a groomsmen back in November and he humbly and happily accepted. We've had the great privilege of getting to know Steve and Brianne over the last few years and we're so much better for it. Truly, I've met only a few couples in the last several years who fit well together. Steve and Brianne are one of them! They just are so right for each other!

This is Steve and Brianne at the rehearsal, right after the "you may kiss your bride" part.Bruce and Barb Bell, Steve's parents. These are some of the most incredible people we've ever met. What a blessing to get to know them over the last several months. Patrick and I can only hope to have a marriage that resembles theirs!
Clearly, Benjamin misses Steve.
This is my date, you know, playing with a swing.
Me and my wedding date.
First dance...
The groomsmen, and Benjamin, decorating the car during the reception. The whole bridal party was so much fun! It was so great to meet everyone. Even though I wasn't
"in" the wedding, I felt very much included in this intimate wedding.
Me and my date again...
We're so sad. Benjamin had a fever all weekend.
Me and my life date. Isn't he a stud?!?!
Steve and Bri getting photographed!
Beautiful bride! This pretty lady was so gorgeous. She has so patiently waited for her price charming (um, Steve) and fabulously planned an incredible, intimate and stunning wedding! Truly, I would expect nothing less.
Oh man, we had so much fun at this wedding. It was small (say 120 people). The reception site was beautiful. It was mostly family, with some select (and lucky) friends. Patrick and I kept saying how glad we were to be apart of this day and how great the whole wedding weekend was!


mama cindy said...

Sounds wonderful! Loving your hair!!

Courtney said...

So funny your mom posted that comment...I just wanted to say that your hair looks fabulous!