Friday, July 16, 2010

Man, these bananas are good!

The Reids came to visit us. I'm sure you know we love these friends. Being with them is so refreshing, uplifting, just makes sense. And even though there are 6 of them and just 3 of us, we work together so nicely. I loved my house being full and loud. I loved waking up and watching little heads pop, one by one, around the corner. We miss them already. Yeah, it was a good visit.

We kept busy. Jeannie's momma motto is this: it's better to have a bad day out than a bad day at home. I'm all for that! We went to the zoo, chick-fil-a (ummm...twice), the pool, Pops, the park (twice, again on this one). And we were able to relax, too. We stayed up way too late talking and laughing and sharing and watching Brian Regan. Jeannie and I were able to get out together and so were Patrick and Aaron. Good, good visit I tell ya!

Kiddos at the zoo...Hope read to B and they really had fun playing together. In fact, Benjamin loved being around all four of the Reid children. He was in his prime!

We made cow costumes to get free Chick-fil-a...oh yes we did.We went to Pops, on Route 66, for a dinner out. We were attacked by mosquitoes, but we made it and had a lot of fun.
Greg - As vibrant as his hair, people....just like a firecracker! Plus, I love me some freckles!
D - tender hearted boy. future geologist? What a helper and so, so good with Benjamin!
Jonny - sheesh. charmer, talker, entertainer, noise maker.
Hope - sweet, sweet girl. She's girly, but watch out because she has three older brothers and can wrestle with the best of them!
Um, I love this. This picture, it's real life folks and it don't get any better than that!
The guys..."If the whole planet is of them...well, that explains these apes..." (hee hee hee hee...Brian Regan...)
And the gals...
We miss you, Reids! Move to Edmond, Oklahoma already - or there will be MANSLAUGHTER!!!!! (Um, that's reference to Brian case you did not know that...)


Beth said...

Ok, you should take the apostrophes out of "Reids"(twice) and "bananas." And feel free not to approve this comment! ;)

Jeannie said...

Oh, good, this wasn't just a dream I had. I love putting more memories in the Reid/McBride Bank!!

Also LOVED the portraits; they really are amazing, babe.