Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last week...

Last week was a haaaaaaaard week. It was long and exhausting and everyone was whiny and cranky most of the time. Benjamin didn't nap well and I'm certain he was bored. Considering that he had four really awesome entertainers for five days, I guess I can't blame him.

So, I let it all get to me. I didn't stop and think, "how can I make this better?". I didn't rally the troops and make an all out effort to change things. I didn't even try. I just sat back and let my circumstances define every little bit of me. Not only did it effect the way I mothered B, but the way I cared for my home and loved my husband. Which is to say, not well at all.

Looking back, I know what I could have done differently. But in the thick of it, I knew what to do...I just chose not too. I learned a good bit from this whole ordeal. Mostly about myself and how I deal with things and how I let my emotions and whats going on around take over. Rational thinking rushes out the door (which is pretty normal in all circumstances. I'm working on this.) and there I am, alone with my emotions.

This week, however, I was determined to enjoy and at least not want to run away come Friday evening. When B woke up really early, I just decided we would get out of the house. When he took a weird nap (time wise), we just went to the pool. When he got fussy, we changed our location. I can do this. I am a mom for a reason. God gave me this gift, the blessing of a child and to be a mother, for a reason. I don't take that lightly, most days.

Either way, I survived. I here to tell you that rough days and weeks are bound to happen. But you will survive. And when all else fails, go to the pool. You'll get a good workout, your babe will get tired and you will get burned on your back because you didn't wear sunscreen (shame, shame). Oh wait, that was me.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my cutie. He is still so adorable to me. I mean, seriously, I look at him and my heart melts...even after hard days. I love that!

This is how my boy sits. Ankles crossed, always. When he eats, when we read, when we play. It's so adorable.
Playing on the couch.
Mastering the skill of climbing things to get onto the couch. I support this and help him find things to accomplish this feat. It's so fun to watch and then to see him practice what he's learned.
So sweet. This little man can say so many things! It always amazes me when I look at him and he says, "up please" or 'hold me". Today he said, "shoe off", when he took off his shoe. Right on, smart guy!
Joy of my heart!


mama cindy said...

The pool is your friend..........:)

Love you!!!

Jeannie said...

I am hearing you!!!!! Persevere, darlin'...I know there are MIND-NUMBING days...When does that Mama's Day Out start again??