Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Benjamin...

Dear B,

I love that you know your name and my voice. When we're in a crowded room, far apart, I can call your name and you'll always look up for me. It's always so sweet to see your inquisitive face.

Your zest for adventure and search for knowledge amaze me. At just 16 1/2 months, you'll always look for something new to figure out. You cock your head to the side and observe, then without a doubt, you rush into the pieces and try to put something together.

You love being independent. You like to feed yourself, wash your own hands, walk alone, put something away. Rarely do you want my help, but I love that you know that I'm here. Always willing to help, never letting myself hover. I love when you reach up for me, "up peas" you say. I love when you lay your head on my shoulder. Little things like this remind me that your still small enough to be all mine.

I love talking with you. You say so many words, it blows my mind! Thank you, truck, car, dog, cat, meow, cow, moo, duck, quack, horse, neigh, roar, dinosaur, choo-choo, there you go, who is it, hi, bye, drink, juice, milk, cracker, cheese, blanket, shoe, hat, book, momma, dada, pap-pap, crayon, outside, cup, pool, slide, help me. And that's just off the top of my head. You're always talking about something. It's so frustrating to you, and me, when I just can't understand. Please keep talking, and I'll keep trying.

You haven't been sleeping too well. As hard as it is, sometimes, it's a good season for us to get out and explore. You would rather go to the park or play in the pool, but I want to find a new coffee shop or try a new bagel shop. Our differences don't matter too much, we still have a lot of fun together. Give a little here, take a little there. You're so much fun to go on adventures with!

Raising a boy is beyond anything I could comprehend. The things you do make no sense to me. Your need for bruises and scratches must come in your DNA. There's no obstacle too high or no puddle too muddy. You will concur it! You're simply a little hero. A small warrior waiting for the next battle. And I love that, for now, I'm your princess. You have no inhibitions and will try something new without any hesitation. I love watching you learn!

My sweet boy. No longer a baby, by definition. But, let's face it, you'll always be my baby. A toddler at it's finest, that's what you are. I've learned more from you in just 16 1/2 months that I ever did in school of any sort. I've been humbled and forever changed by you...and I love that more than you'll ever know.

I love you, Benjamin. Thank you for being so fun and so flexible and so squirrelly that I have to pray frequently. I love that YOU are my son. What an incredible gift you are! What an incredible God we love!

I love you, always and forever -

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