Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family fun day...

Our little man hasn't been sleeping very well, but that's nothing new. His naps are short and certainly not enough. To make the days more enjoyable, we find fun afternoon things to do. When it's just B and I we go to the park or walk around downtown. Sometimes we go to Sonic during happy hour for an iced tea, sometimes Starbucks for an iced latte.

On the weekends, though, it's family time! Patrick's been pretty busy this past week with work and everything else seemed to get in our way. Weeks like this always make me shake my head and pout. Never fear, though. My handsome, hardworking hubby suggested we had some family fun this afternoon after said short nap time.

We thought about going to Norman or Stillwater, just to explore. But it was already kind of late in the afternoon, so we opted to drive out Route 66 and get our kicks, if you will. It so beautiful on the Mother Road (which is what they call it). We headed east to Arcadia and we entertained ourselves for about an hour before we came back to Edmond for dinner.

We stopped by Othello's for half price pizza tonight. It's a small Italian restaurant downtown Edmond. Now, it's no Luigi's or Nap's, but we'll take what we can get. Plus, the pizza was pretty good! I'd say it turned out to be a fantastic family fun day :)

Pops. We really enjoy this place. There are 500 different sodas (in bottles) to choose from. Plus, a rockin' chicken melt!
Stopped at the Big Red Barn. This is a non functioning outhouse. B was clearly interested :)
P & B

There she is. The Big Red Round Barn. It was quite large.
He didn't want to hold my hand. SO sad.
Historical. It's the historic Route 66, afterall.
Finally, P & B went to Bass Pro Shop yesterday for "man time". He came back with this little hat and looked all grown up. Also, he enjoyed eating beef jerky. I didn't ask too many questions, it was man time stuff.


Jeannie said...

"Clothes so BIIIIGG, you can buy 'em in a barn!!!!!"

Miss you!!

mama cindy said...

sounds like a fun time was had by all! as always love the pictures!!

Al said...

no naps... sigh. But that huge soda art piece is cool! I can't believe that B is getting so big.

Miss you guys and love reading your posts... :)