Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm so grateful that so many other moms need encouragement and are on board with encouraging one another! I really look forward to seeing how this all comes together and how many people are blessed by just a few words, or a simple gesture.

Yesterday two women came to our house trying to sell me another religion. After a few minutes I kindly told them that I needed to care for my boy and that I stood firm on what I believed. I told them that my hope is in heaven and that I believe that Jesus lived a perfect death, died for my sins and then rose, victorious, over death and sin. I let them know how wonderful and beautiful and powerful the cross was. And that I lived humbled by and grateful for the authority of the cross. They said they understood and would let me get back to my day. (PS. this was by no means a bad conversation. Everyone was very kind and very sweet.)

I digress. Before the women left, I quickly said, "Hey. are you guys moms?" They were and I proceeded to tell them that I'm sure that their kids were so lucky and that I thought they were great moms. They smiled so sweetly and thanked me over and over. I suppose it is so nice, sometimes, just to hear how great you are :)

Later, my friend, Amy, and I went out for some much needed girl time. We got pedicures (per usual) and headed to Cuppies & Joe (more to come on this later!). While we were waiting for our toes to dry, we sat next to an older woman who was with her daughter (who was probably 17 or 18). I looked over at her (the mom) and said, "I bet you remember girls nights and how wonderful they are!" And this started a conversation of being a SAHM and what a blessing it is to be with your kiddos all day. I let her now that I appreciated her. I told her how nice it was to have women to talk to who have been where I am now. I let her know that I thought she was great and that I'm sure her children enjoyed that she was at home with them. She then asked her daughter, who then replied, "I did love it. There are only so many hours in a day!" I'm sure that mom was more encouraged by her daughter than by me.

I've not been as bold today. While we were at church, we started talking with some friends. The guy works with Patrick, so we've gotten to know them a little. They have three boys. As we were talking I let the momma know that I appreciated her knowledge and willingness to share about being at home with three boys. We talked a little about Mother's Day Out and she let me know that I was doing the right thing with Benjamin. I really appreciated that.

It's been a good two days of encouragement. Any good stories from y'all?

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