Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to school...

Well, today was the day. Benjamin went to his first day of Mother's Day Out. Maybe I'll look back at this post, or this day, in 12 years and laugh at my ridiculousness. Maybe I'll be glad at my craziness. Who knows. All I know is that I took several pictures of my baby this morning and I did not cry.

I made a big deal about going to "school". When he woke up we ate a good breakfast, we watched Dinosaur Train and talked about what he would do today. I let him walk the whole way into school and up to the door. He did great. Until I handed him over. He whimpered and it made me sad. I hugged him, told him I love him and that he would have fun. Then I ran away. Seriously. My friend, Amy, was at the end of the hall and I ran to her. She hugged me. And that way a nice way to leave :)

He did pretty good. He had an "off and on" morning of being upset, but by lunch time he was his happy self. They wrote on his paper (each child get an "update" paper at the end of the day) that he was outgoing and laughed a lot. Yep, that's my baby.

I kept myself busy and was so excited to go pick him up. In fact, this may be silly, but I felt like we had a better afternoon together than normal. He wasn't as moody or whiny. He wanted to be around me a lot, but I didn't mind as much. I think MDO might be just what we need. And I'm really excited about that!

Pictures, of course!

I said, "B, hold your lunchbox and look at momma".... This is what followed :)

Aaaaaannnndddd, finally he holds it.

And as an added bonus, here is Benjamin playing with tools. Our dishwasher broke yesterday and Patrick was trying to fix it. Benjamin just couldn't stay away. He wanted to help daddy. He would grab the screwdriver and try to turn it on something. It really was too precious. I LOVE that he's so into Patrick. I couldn't ask for a more incredible role model/example/father/daddy for my little boy! How blessed is he!?!


Pam Swope said...

Your boy is so cute you just want to eat him up! Brings back a lot of memories. Especially the pics of him helping Patrick. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

mama cindy said...

Yeah Benjamin!! Yeah Momma (for not crying)!! Love the pictures of him with his lunch box. And...I couldn't agree more that Benjamin and your future children have an amazing father figure the momma is bad herself! :)