Friday, September 10, 2010

Every little bit helps!

When Patrick and I decided that I wouldn't work after we got married, I had a hard time adjusting to not making money. More than that, it was hard for me to live off of Patrick's money (only for a while, I assure you) while not bringing anything in. This was only made more difficult by concerned women who, I'm sure meant well, constantly asked why I wasn't working or what I did all day.

Good grief. Can't a woman be a homemaker, care for her home, be apart of the community - without having kids? I would argue a resounding YES! A soapbox of mine for another day, friends :)

I digress. What I really wanted to write about is ways to help your family financially. Anyone can use these sites, not just a SAHM or a homemaker! I'm not going to go into budgeting or saving or whatnot. I fully support and practice these things, but today we're going to the internet.

Here are some excellent websites to check out!

Swagbucks: A search engine that has improved greatly over the last year or so. You win "swagbucks" with every 7th search (on the site, not personally). As you earn swagbucks you can buy things from the swag store. Right now I have enough bucks to get two gift cards. I'm hoping to have enough for a few Christmas presents this year. Every little bit helps. Also, if you click on the link I provided and sign up, I get extra swagbucks. I'll give you a high five if you do :)

Ebates: If you ever shop online, go through ebates! Just sign up (use the link, please ::grin:: ), search the stores and go from there. You'll get money back just for going to the site through ebates! I did a little Christmas shopping last year online and got a check for $22 from ebates. This is legit and definitely worth the short amount of time it takes to go to before shopping!

Also, check out sites like couponcabin before making an online purchase. You can usually find free shipping codes, percentages off and the like. And if you sign up for emails for certain stores you'll get weekly or monthly coupons that you may not find elsewhere. If you don't want to receive tons of store emails, set up a "coupon only" email. Just make sure to check it :)

That's only a few sites to check out. I'll provide more as I find them and check them out. If you have any suggestions, pass them along! I love being able to save our family money!

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mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

I know what you were doing with your time during those days - reading your Bible, serving others, making cookies for my girl when I was too sick and tired and pregnant to do so. Your contribution to this world during that time was very valid, even though you didn't make a single cent! btw -I do Groupon and love it!