Friday, September 17, 2010

Growing love...

You know when you get married and you just can't seem to fathom loving your spouse more than you love them right then? The magic and the fanfare of your wedding day! Your love is perfect and full and...then you get into real life.

You find days where you're completely annoyed by your spouse. Days when you really would rather sleep on the couch. Days when you know that a lot of hard work is going to go into communicating and discussing and making a decision. And you wonder, "Is it really worth it?!" Sure it is.

I don't think Patrick, or I, knew what we were getting ourselves into when we got married. Does anyone, though? I don't care how long you've dated or if you lived together before hand, even. You can never, ever be prepared for marriage. It's a learn-as-you-go endeavor and all anyone can do, really, is offer advice.

We certainly don't have a lot of years under our belts, but we have a lot of experiences. The good news: time is on our side! Lord willing, we'll have many, many more years to work on our marriage. We'll have more trials to endure together. We'll have more inside jokes. We'll have more joys to share. We'll have more snuggles and laughs and arguments and tears. And at the end of this journey together, we'll have no regrets.

In November we'll celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. Six years. One baby. One dog. Three states. Four companies. Five addresses. Lots of life changing events, a lot of laughing and crying. Many trips, many memories. Six good years. And, friends, not every one of those years was good. But looking back at what we learned and saw and experienced together...that's what makes it good.

Want to know what I love best, today, about six years? That even the thought of Patrick still makes me giggle and smile. That my husband, the only person in the world who has seen the absolute best and worst in me is still here. He still loves me and pursues me. He still makes my foot pop when we kiss. He's still my knight in shining armor, saving me from a world of trouble.

After just six years, I'm still in love. I'm more than in love. I'm indescribable state of pure, deep, infatuation and heartfelt, breathtaking, frustrating, smile making love. Gosh, I just can't wait to see what year 12 brings to my heart.

And to think, all of this from a silly conversation about good gristle last night before bed. Ha. If you could only hear half of our conversations! :)

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