Friday, September 24, 2010

Survival of the fittest

The last time Patrick left for an extended amount of time was back in August 2009. Benjamin was 5 months old and enjoyed the following: eating, sleeping, trying to sit, crying a little, laughing. At that point in my life, I may have been overwhelmed or going crazy because I had an infant. Clearly, I had no clue how easy life was back then (you know, 13 months ago...).

Our week has been a little crazy, but nothing we can't handle. The Lord has been super kind to us and provided an insane amount of patience and perseverance on both mine and B's part. Benjamin isn't an infant anymore. He's not pleased with simply sitting still. Benjamin now enjoys: climbing, throwing, running in circles, watching and yelling for Elmo, eating "fish", asking for juice, being destructive, saying "up peas" incessantly, bothering Piper and being cute.

I started feeling kind of sickish on Tuesday afternoon. Today, Friday, I feel awful. My sickishness (definitely made that one up) is in full flair. Sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, sinus pressure, cough, sneezes. Poor Benjamin has something similar. We both napped well today.

At the end, as Patrick comes home tomorrow, I see that we have survived. Benjamin and I are no worse for the wear. Praise the Lord. Although, I'm utterly exhausted and simply done. I've used up every ounce of emotional, mental and physical energy keeping an 18 month old alive for one week by myself. Let me tell you, this is much easier with an extra set of hands in the evening. Weeks like this make me thankful for the Lord's strength, for my incredible husband, for my pretty easy going boy.

One final word: Come home, Patrick!!!!


Courtney said...

Frankly, I can hardly imagine staying home by myself for that long. One or two nights is my limit--any longer and I start looking for excuses to visit my parents! Way to go, Momma.

mama cindy said...

You did it!!!