Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here in Edmond, "trick or treat" was last night. We didn't mind at all because it's much nicer to have an excited child stay up too late on a Saturday night :) I didn't jump on the costume band-wagon, although it might have been less stressful. I just couldn't justify paying $20 for a little outfit my boy would wear once. When he's older and will wear it to a school party, or a friends party AND trick or treating...well, then I'll consider it.

With all of that said, Benjamin was a scarecrow. I took a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt (that we just bought, actually. bonus wear!), cut up a few pieces of fabric, grabbed my twine, and colored and cut a few pieces of paper. Thus, a scarecrow was born. We had dinner with the Johnson's and then all went trick or treating together in their neighborhood.

Benjamin was so excited to trick or treat. We didn't really prepare him for it, but once Luke started getting excited there was no stopping him (or Luke, who was equally excited). Once we got outside it was hard to keep him still. But he was sweet and the youngest, so he got ran over by the big kids and was pushed aside several times at a door. He just stood there smiling, waiting for candy. He was very good about saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" at most of the houses.

We were out about almost an hour and B was a champ! He walked most of the time and refused to let anyone else carry his pumpkin full of candy! All in all, it was a successful endeavor! The only unsuccessful thing of the whole night is that I don't think I have many pictures of B actually looking at me. There was way too much going on! Either way, he was cute and we all had a lot of fun!

Patrick holding B still so I could assemble the scarecrow :)
A scarecrow and Elmo Luke - you know, being friends...
My sweet scarecrow!
A few of the kiddos we walked around with.
A close up of the can't really tell but there is also "straw" coming out of his pants...
Family pic!
And he's off!
First house. B made it to the front - this was his only time up front :)
Waiting for candy!
Momma/baby pic.
At the end of the night, getting tired...but going strong.
"Don't touch my candy." PS - this picture, my friends, looks JUST like Patrick as a kid! I wish I had a copy of a very specific photo of Kent and Patrick being silly together. Some day I'll show you.
Checking out the loot...
Clearly ready for bed, but we had to examine our winnings...

Ah. Happy Halloween!

And today is especially reflective for me because a year ago today I was preparing to run my first ever half marathon (which was Nov 1). Halloween last year just didn't have the same jolly tone. I was a ball of nerves and my babe was just 7 1/2 months old. Here's to many more Halloween memories, however they come!


mama cindy said...

Nice costume, Benjamin made a mighty fine scarecrow!!! Looks like he had a good time and got lots of loot....that Mama and Daddy will eat. :)

Al said...

I love it!! Love the costume... You did a wonderful job!

the rigdons said...

what a cute little scarecrow!! i'm impressed with your craftiness!!