Sunday, November 7, 2010

Funny kid...

When I can't seem to think of anything else to write about, I can't resist the urge to write about my baby. Well, my toddler. He's pretty hilarious. I mean, at 19 months, I'm not sure I know someone who makes me laugh or sigh or shake my fists more. :) But I laugh more than sigh or shake my fists.

Let me just give you some examples of my boy's cuteness:
*He says, "moot" for move. And when he does not want me doing something (like laying down, or sitting at the table, or sitting where he wants to sit), he'll pull my leg and say, "moot. momma. moooooooot" haha.

*Patrick taught Benjamin how to do a pirate dance. A what? A pirate dance, my friends. A dance where you bend your arms and toss them side to side and yell, "yo ho ho" and bounce around. And Benjamin does this. I need to get this on video. I love it. You'll love it.

*B loves "Wheels on the Bus". I mean, we sing it a lot. Mostly in the car. I have made up verses because the longer the song is, the less I have to start over. I'll say, "what song do you want to sing?" And his little boy voice in the back seat says, "wheels!" And sometimes, if I'm lucky, he'll start singing - "wheels. wheels. round. up. open. wheels." SO sweet. He particularly enjoys the baby/Benjamin/Momma verses. You know, "The babies on the bus say waa, waa, waa/The Benjamin on the bus say momma, momma, momma/The Momma on the bus says I love you, I love you."

*He loves spending time with daddy. In fact, mornings and after naps can be a pain. When B wakes up and we come down stairs he instantly starts looking for daddy. We usually have a discussion about how great daddy is because he works to provide for us, so we don't get to see him during the day. We then call him. And B mumbles something that neither of us can understand, but is probably really sweet. It's just part of our days.

*I feel like everyday Benjamin can say something new or better. He puts more words together and really communicates as best he can. And when he wakes up from his nap and I don't come right away, he'll throw something overboard and yell, "uh-oh! uh-oh! momma. daddy. uh-oh. banket." And then I come in, retrieve the tossed item and he starts talking about something. Funny kid. I love this age...

A random side note: I love watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network. But if this isn't a curse and a trial for a pregnant women, I don't know what is. So far, in 2 episodes, I have started craving sticky buns, whoppie pies, sweet potato fries and sushi. Awful, I tell you!

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