Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the McBride house, we love dinosaurs. Well, Benjamin loves them. He plays with them all the time and makes them roar. The dinosaurs end up in all kinds of places in our house. They are very mobile creatures, I tell you! It's amazing to watch a little boy play with something more boyish. He just knows how to do it!

You would think Patrick enjoys them since he's a geologist, but I think he tolerates them. He likes playing dinosaurs with B (and is probably more accurate as his dinos always eat the others. Mine talk and walk and gently nudge. Come on! I'm a girl!). He did not enjoy learning about them in school. Fair enough. But I'm grateful for the info he remembers because I always have questions about the different time periods (triasic, creatous, jurrasic... I don't even know how to spell them!)

I, on the other hand, think dinosaurs are fascinating! I mean all of these fossils and great science and information about the earth's past right underground! I even enjoy watching "Dinosaur Train" with Benjamin because Dr. Scott (the paleontologist) explains each dinosaur at the end of the show. Thanks, PBS!

SO with all of that said, we do enjoy some dinosaurs and we also enjoy some humor. Patrick send me this cartoon a few weeks ago and I still crack up when I see it. Nothing wrong with a little Christian humor, right?! (get it? the ark? flooding?) :)


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mama cindy said...

too cute!!!