Saturday, November 13, 2010

A random update with pictures...

You know, I've really meant to upload these pictures to my computer for weeks. Thus, if my motivation is lacking in the house keeping department, you can only imagine how awful I am at taking and editing and keeping my pictures up to date. Ah well.

Here is a little glimpse into the McBride house over the last three weeks. I know you're excited! :)

Benjamin wearing daddy's favorite sweatshirt. He's still got a little more growing to do to fill it out :)
For my mom, mainly. 10 week belly shot:
Aaaaannnd my actual belly. There's a bump already, I promise :) But the good news is I can still button and wear my normal jeans (just a size bigger. Glad I saved them!).
Um. Let' see, where do I begin? Benjamin and I shared hot chocolate, he has chocolate all over his face. Patrick was using his ax to chop some things. And here we have a crazy weird picture!
Can you see the chocolate at all? I love these boys...
Playing in the yard last weekend. Is he not incredibly cute?
Running. With a bouncy ball. Outside. He's in heaven!
Me and my boy! I love B's face in this picture!
Me and my man! I'm such a blessed woman!

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mama cindy said...

Very nice pictures!!! I love the one of him running....miss you.