Friday, December 17, 2010


Today I am so grateful for mercy. I'm grateful that each and every morning, God's mercies are new! No matter what the day before was like, no matter what my morning has been like even, God's mercies are waiting for me. That is such a sweet gift.

Today I am grateful for patience. I'm so glad that God is patient with me and that His patience never runs out. He seeks me and teaches me, He guides me and loves me - all despite myself. Even more, today, I'm grateful that I can be patient because of Him.

Today I am grateful for Love. I'm humbled beyond measure by the Love of God. The Love He sent as a little baby. The Love He watched grow and turn into a man, who would save the world from sin and death. The Love that hung on a cross. The Love that rose again. The Love that reigns victorious. Beautiful, wonderful, overwhelming, life changing Love. All so that His glory might go on and on and on because someone like me was changed forever and for the better. All that He may be known. Love came, Love reigns. Love everlasting, Love that satisfies, Love that only the Great I AM could be.

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