Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just another Sunday...

You know, I love my husband. I may make you sick talking about how great and wonderful he is, but really he's the best in the world. Hands down. You can't argue with me about this. I'm firm. And really, you don't want to argue with a pregnant woman.

Want to know why he's great? He put in a new toilet today. He's so handy like that. In fact, it's one of my favorite things about him. And way before we were married and I made my "husband journal" it's one of the things I prayed for about my future husband (being handy, that is). Patrick can fix a multitude of things and has saved us more money than I can imagine by doing this, and usually enjoys it. Plus, he let's me be involved (when I so choose, however). This probably is for entertainment purposes on his part. That's ok.

So here we are. Today. New toilet day! The old one was so gross and didn't work too well. We bought the new one yesterday and then Patrick got to work today after church. I helped (uh, barely) him carry it outside to the backyard. Why the backyard? Not because we wanted to avoid having trash on our porch. Not because we didn't want Benjamin to play with it (this cannot be avoided). Simply because Patrick wanted to smash the thing. This was our actual conversation:

P- "Ok. we're going to carry this outside, dump the water and then put it in the backyard."
A - "There's water in it?"
P - "Yes."
A - "Uh, why are we taking it to the backyard? It's heavy."
P - "Because I'm going to smash it. (moment of silence) I've always wanted to do that."

Well, how could I say no? I mean, I'm not a dream crusher. And I like to think after six years that I'm still a pretty fun wife. So - to the backyard! After the process of installation, a small break for lunch, a long struggle to get Benjamin to try a hard boiled egg before he could get down from the table, a trip to Lowe's, a few toddler meltdowns and nap time - then Patrick announced that he was going out back. I grabbed the camera and followed.

Hammer in hand...
He said, "Let's see what happens when I just drop it..."
Smashing away...
Doing some "satisfied-man-hear-me-roar-I'm-so-awesome" laugh.
Done. A maybe a little more crazy for it.

So, friends, what do you do on Sundays?! :) I can't help but smile when I think of all the silly, random things we do around here. And I wouldn't change a single moment for anything. These are the things that make our life, well, ours and wonderful!


Jeannie said...

There are some VERY entertained boys in this house. I made them all come look at the pictures. Wish we could've been in the peanut gallery for this one.......

mama cindy said...

Oh the things that "boys" love to do. I could almost hear that man roar hear in WV!!! :)