Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's get organized...

Here is the thing about me: I think I'm an organizing genius. Here is the truth: I'm not even close to being an organizing amateur. It's an awful complex, only made worse by a 21 month old and a very neat and organized husband (whose desk is ALWAYS clean and I get terrible dirty looks if I leave something on it by accident/forgetfulness ::Grin:: ).

There was a time (as in my whole life up until five months ago) that I thought I should organize like a professional and follow the rules of every organizing article around. I tried my hardest to succeed, I just didn't. Major fail. So this left me feeling terrible about myself and unorganized. Not that I ever was organized, I just felt more unorganized now that it was a definite reality.

Then, one magical day, I realized - Hey! Not every person is the same! There has GOT to be a way for me to organize efficiently and to fit my personality. I'm still searching for that method, mind you, but I am definitely searching. I've concluded that 2011 must be the year I find this skill, er, method.

I've tried to narrow down my issues with organizing as to help me process myself and find a method.

Issue #1: My desk is in the kitchen! What an awful idea this is for someone like me. Sure, it's nice and convenient, but really now how can this look good. Cleaning my desk is an all day adventure. I have to save certain things. I have to figure out where to put important things. I have to move things around. I have to clean the desk with some kind of cleaner to make it smell good. I have to check facebook. I have to throw things away. I need a snack. I sort through papers. I pile papers into "special" piles. See? It can go on and on and on.

Issue #2: I make piles! Confession: I make piles of paper everywhere. I think I know what each pile holds, but that's not true. I forget within minutes. Piles are not a safe organizing method for me.

Issue #3: I don't know where to begin! You would think that at the age of 29 I would have some clue as to how I should sort my life in ways that make sense. False. I start in one place, and then I get distracted by all those pictures I meant to scrapbook last year. Then I don't know where put those so I don't forget about them. I clearly think that downsizing is my best option here. I mean, seriously, can't I just not be good at this and that be ok? :)

Issue #4: Maintenance! Now, on a regular (non-pregnant) basis, I am pretty good at maintaining a lot of things. Usually our houses is clean and neat. I can find all of our Christmas decorations and scrapbooks with a snap of my fingers. My kitchen is mostly efficient. My cookbooks make sense. My clothes are sorted in ROY G BIV order, even! (I wish I were kidding). But my desk. My bathroom drawers. My thoughts. All scattered. I can spend an endless amount of time cleaning these things and then moments later - gone. I need to have a desire to maintain organization in "my areas". I need to have motivation to maintain. I need, really, someone to maintain for me. That would be most helpful.

Once upon a time, Real Simple had an organizing quiz. I took it and turns out I was more of the "cluttered" organizer. But here is my confession: I really wanted to be the other way! When I looked at the pictures they provided to show how one type likes order and how the other likes order, I was disgusted at the way my "type" organized! That should say something for my desire, right? I really want to be a neat and skilled organizer. Really. I do!

Now I move toward something organized. De-cluttering is a good skill of mine, how can I not apply it in places that would make sense? And, for goodness sake, I'm a mom. How much nonsense do I really need on my desk and in my drawers? Isn't it enough that it's everywhere else?! I'm going to trudge through this. I spent my whole 25th year figuring out my favorite things (although that was really fun), I can certainly spend a year (Lord willing, less than a year) finding a way to get and stay organized!

Okay, friends, hit me with your best ideas! I'm willing to try anything (that will make sense to me)!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm just so jealous of the part where you said, "My house is clean and neat." See? We all wish we were someone else. :) No... kidding ... but it's funny because I believe myself to be a naturally organized person, yet hardly anything in my house is clean. Perhaps I live in greater deception than I realize!

Have you ever seen those built-in desks in kitchens in magazines? Want!!! That is me, too. All our mail comes in there and piles up, and I am the only one who opens it. I have no good system- the system is: annoying pile. I actually do have a small organizer there to sort bills into, but it's overflowing with other paper junk. Oh well.

Good luck with all this, and do keep us posted :)

Sara B. (MOPS, PA)

Baby Hancock said...

Oh, yes, I hear you...I need visual reminders, so everything looks cluttered even though I also consider myself to be an organized person! Now I know why my mom always complained about the mail!! Arghh!!! I asked for a wicker (note:pretty) wall file for Christmas to put some pretty files in my kitchen to hopefully help me contain the piles. Thinking the folders will be: To File, Receipts, To Do Now, To Do Soon, To Do Later (very descriptive, huh?)

Anyway, I think that you are right...everyone has what works for them. And I'll add that what works during one phase of life doesn't work all the time! Still working in mine, too!

Ditto to the maintenance thing...so hard with younguns!!!

Love you and miss you so much!