Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little of this...a little of that...

Ah, around here normal days are just too much fun not to include you...

This is how we keep Piper entertained. Yes. Patrick squishes into a box and swats at the dog and makes him crazy. It's fun, I promise.

Piano time. Which happens every night because B wants to play the "pano" or wants to dance - he loves to dance. Last night, though, Benjamin just played along (and also banged the xylophone with cars) while daddy made some music.
High five to the first correct guess: Which one of these characters do not belong in the Nativity scene?
And here's me. Pregnant. At 16 weeks. Huge, already, I know. That's okay though. It's my second baby! :) I feel like this baby is taking up a lot more room in my abdomen than Benjamin did. AND my belly just feels so heavy, I think it's because I'm carrying lower this time than with B. But, I could just be a wimp. That's probably more accurate :)

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Kent said...

nobody guessed yet, so I'll take a stab. Is it the dinosaur? I'm not entirely sure, but it just looks funny