Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for Christmas - family worship

Most nights we sit down together after dinner and have family worship time. Benjamin usually requires a car and truck and horse be present, but we persevere! To prepare our hearts for Christmas, we started reading Luke 2 about two weeks ago. We only read two verses a night because the attention span of a 21 month old is insanely short.

Patrick reads the scripture then we explain a little more what we read to B. We use the Little People Nativity for a little extra help and entertainment. Then we sing and pray together. It's a really sweet time and I look forward to Benjamin getting into it more as he gets older.

Our friend made "hymn scrolls" for the families in our flock. We put them on the tree and each night we sing two songs. I've especially enjoyed this because we're learning "Christmas" hymns and carols that we haven't heard before. Along with the more traditional songs, we get to sing older hymns about the birth of Jesus that apparently didn't make it into mainstream Christmas music. :) I will say this - I'm so glad that my husband is musically inclined! If it were up to me all the songs I don't know would be sung to the tune of "Hark the herald angel sing"!

Here are a few pictures. This has been such a blessing to our family as we prepare our hearts to worship Jesus. And not just Jesus as a baby, but Jesus our Savior and Jesus the risen King! Christmas may be the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but we certainly should not forget that the sweet baby boy born on Christmas day grew up to save us and conquer sin and death! What incredible reasons to sing for joy this Christmas season!

Our Christmas day hymn by our little nativity on the tree...
A close up look...
A tree with scrolls...
I don't know if you read this, Christy, but THANKS!!!

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247mama said...

I absolutely love the scrolls with music idea. I may have to adapt that for our family next year or even at Easter. Thanks for sharing.