Friday, December 31, 2010

To our friends...

Today is the last day of 2010. I have a thousand things to say, but for now I want to say this:


This is the thing about those Reid's, we love them. They are, to us, those "friends forever-come what may- epic adventures of everyday ordinary - true blue - so similar - know them all too well - laugh out loud - pray together - sharing grief - just like family - visit often" friends.

We've learned so much from them. In fact, I would say that Patrick and I wouldn't be who we are as individuals, a couple or parents without God using Aaron and Jeanie in our lives so beautifully and so kindly. They are just so dear to us.

Our days in Texas together were nothing short of divine intervention (seriously. That Jeannie and I are still friends after our first interaction shows God's kindness and sense of humor! hee hee). We went through so much together there, and it hasn't stopped. Miles and miles away, we make time for each other. We walk together and pray for each other. We talk when we can and every time we see them life just seems perfect.

So, here's to 16 years Mr. and Mrs. Reid. And to thousands and thousands of days together with beauty and laughter and more and more of Jesus. We love you guys!!!

P.S. Aren't you glad WE aren't watching your kids tonight!? :)
P.S.S It really looks like an APPLE!

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Jeannie said...

*sniff sniff* that was so beautiful!! Best anniversary present I could imagine, right thar. Thank you so much Ash. We are over the moon for you both.

Last week I downloaded "standing up" on itunes - a comedy central special brian regan did a few years ago. It's stuff I hadn't seen before (except the Dora bit :) and I've been laughing at it all week and thinking of you. Go buy it now so we can talk about it! It's not as good as MANSLAUGHTER, but it's got a few gems....LOVE YOU