Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in review - 2010

I am really having a hard time believing that it's already the end of 2010. Didn't it just start? Weren't we just living in Indiana, PA? But, alas, here we are living and loving Edmond, OK. God is funny.

I keep hearing about how much people disliked 2010. I cannot say the same. In fact I thought it was a really awesome year. Maybe one of the most memorable yet. But, with that said, we had a few hard years before 2010 came along. So I'll take a good year! :)

Looking back, we did a lot this year. I mean, we have been busy bees! Next year may be a little slower, but only after June (and that only means slower travel). We already have three trips planned for the first part of 2011. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. I love that we have things to do and that Patrick and I both enjoy adventure and exploring. More so, though, we both love coming home. I can't express how blessed I am that my husband and I enjoy each other's company while adventuring or sitting on the couch together. He truly makes my life so much more joyful!

Here's a look back at a few things we did this year. Although I believe it would be more accurate to say "Look what the Lord did!":
*A calm January and February, enjoying our infant :)
*A whirlwind trip to OKC when Patrick was accepted a job at CHK.
*Buying a bigger house! With a double oven! :)
*Selling our Indiana house in 6 days!
*Benjamin turned ONE!
*Moved to OKC...6 weeks to the day of accepting the new job.
*Ran my second half marathon...
*Spent two weeks in France...ahhhh
*Back to reality...great visits (throughout the summer) with Courtney and Austin; Meghan and Dylan; Carol, Kent and Sarah; and the Reid's...
*Quick trip to Lynchburg to celebrate Steve and Brianne's wedding!
*My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer...
*Surprise visit to Morgantown!
*Started fertility treatments again...
*Patrick went to Utah for a work trip.
*PREGNANT!, by God's sweet sovereignty and incredible kindness!
*Benjamin starts Mother's Day Out...
*Did a bible study at Henderson Hills, which became an incredible way to meet women and led us to our current flock...
*Oh so sick from a lot of pregnancy hormones...laid on the couch for ten weeks, slowly moved around for three weeks, currently kind of back to normal.
*Visit to Indiana, PA!
*Morgantown for Kent and Sarah's wedding!
*Christmas time! David, Karen and Kate visit and celebrate with us.

And now, here we are. New Year's Eve. We went out to dinner (to an awesome hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint!), stopped by Wal-Mart (dumb) and Benjamin is currently being put to bed my my fantastic husband. Our plans for this evening consist of watching TV and movies, maybe eating a little more and trying hard to stay awake :) I'm content with this plan.

I don't know if I could pick a best or worst moment this year. Really, it's been a wonderful year. So many struggles, so many joys. The Lord has taught us so much and has brought us to our knees as we worship Him for everything - good and hard! There are many highlights and so many memories made! And there have been several moments of serious struggle. This is what makes our lives! This is what these short years are all about. When we look back in 40 years, I bet only the small things will really make us laugh and cry.

And, finally, even though it's been a fast paced year, we are right where we are suppose to be...I've never been so sure of something! Bring it on, 2011! I cannot wait to see what's in store, what we'll learn and how we'll grow!


Aub said...

I'm glad you had such a great year, Ashley:)

Courtney said...

If you can't stay awake til midnight, just celebrate New Year's in the Eastern Time Zone. We'd still consider you an honorary PA resident. Happy New Year to the 3 1/2 McBrides!