Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishful thinking...

Today was a good day, mostly. But it was one of those days where I wanted to pick up the phone and have a conversation like this with Jeannie:

MJR: Hello?
AMM: Haaaaaaaaay.
MJR: What are you doing?
AMM: Calling to see if you guys wanted to do pizza and then drink frozen drinks by Aaron.
MJR: Only if we can do Papa John's. (Just for the record... I would rather Aaron make pizza than order out.)
AMM: Uggggh. You and Patrick have some kind of alliance, don't you? Also, is your blender working?
MJR: Har har har har har
AMM: Papa John's it is. We'll pick it up and come over. B and H can talk about toddler bed rants and reviews while the boys can all play Wii. Please make apple dip for you and I.
MJR: Ok. See you in a bit. Oh, please bring Brian Reegan.
AMM: Done. peace.

I like to think that even those miles and miles and years of happenings separate us (although, we've been apart of most of the happenings somehow), if we lived right down the road again things wouldn't be too different. Only, just a little more insane. I wouldn't mind though. I miss my friend.

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Jeannie said...

BLAAAAHAHAAHAHAAAA*deep breath*WHAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAA....that was me, sobbing. I'm going to bed now, I'm so depressed.