Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boys, oh boys...

I feel like I'm still processing having another little boy around here. I love hearing so many people share with me the blessings of watching brothers grow together. Plus, I love that I have so many friends with so many boys that I can learn from and share with.

It's no coincidence, I think, that both of my mentors from the last six years each have three boys! I've learned so much from these women, with grown boys who all love Jesus and are truly incredible men now. What a blessing to have so much support and knowledge just a phone call away!

As I think more about having two boys, I'm overwhelmed with joy. And a little scared :) I think of Patrick and Kent's relationship. I have visions of stories from their childhood (that I've heard a thousand times and know by heart!) coming true in my life. I chuckle when I think of Benjamin picking on Beta and Beta following Benjamin everywhere. Or someone being turned into a robot.

But, friends, I have the honor of raising up boys to be men of God! I have the incredible task of sharing the love of Jesus, living the love of Jesus and teaching the love of Jesus to my sweet boys. I get to send my boys into this world, armed with the knowledge and, Lord willing, faith that has changed my life so they can being strong, faithful, loving men of God! This brings me to my knees often.

The thought of having McBride brothers, again, brings tears of happiness to my eyes. If my boys can grow up to be like Patrick and Kent, well then, they will be incredible men indeed! I have so much respect for these McBride men. Not only do I have the privilege of being married to one! But I have the honor to call the other my brother. I've loved walking through so much over the last six years with these guys! And I've learned a great deal from them, too.

You know, I've always thought I was going to have a clan of boys. Always. Ask my mom. :) Something in my heart knew that having a boy would be the most challenging and life changing and beautiful thing I would experience. And I was (am) so excited! Although, I know the Lord knows best of all. Whatever He gives us, now and in the future, will only be for His glory and for our joy.

Bring on the trucks. And trains. And block towers. And mischievous, curious little minds that boys have. Bring on the cars and dinosaurs. Bring on the dirt and energy and love of the outdoors! My friends, I get to be the momma of another baby boy! And I couldn't be more honored or more blessed to have that privilege!

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Beth said...

So sweet. Congrats, Ash! :)