Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life in the fast lane...

Things around here are not super busy. No, we just have a toddler. Somedays I think he's insane, other days I remember that he's 21 months old :) Patrick and I always joke that Benjamin doesn't walk any where. He simply runs! While our house may be full of energy, squealing and random tantrums - we are truly enjoying this little man. We are never short of entertainment.

Bored? Come on over! There is a toddler here who would love to make you laugh!

The piano is a favorite place to play. We need to get B a little table with chairs :) This day was a truck day.
And then, dinosaur day... FYI, Benjamin contently laid these out just the way he liked them. We did not do this :)
Playing with a new puzzle from Charlotte (my mentor). She bought a few things for Beta (!!!) and didn't want to leave B out. Can you tell she had children close in age at one point? Either way, he loves this puzzle and gets so excited to "fish" for the sea creatures.
Benjamin usually has to eat his snack at the table, but this day I let him sit on the floor. He disappeared for a quick second and returned with a place mat. Clearly, if momma and daddy eat on one of these he should too! It doesn't matter where you are, a place mat is necessary.

I really need to get some videos on here. Benjamin loves to count (2,3,4,5...4222345) and say "ABC's, ABC's!!!" And his pig noise? Truly hilarious! Seriously, you just need to come over for a day!

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mama cindy said...

Precious!!! I'd love to come over for the day.....sigh!