Friday, January 7, 2011

Kitchen love..

I love really fabulous, cute things. I love them even more if they can go into my kitchen! And the thing is, anthropologie has some really fantastic things floating around their site.

And when I say "fantasic", I mean "I should have these things absolutely immediately."
Just take a look for yourself!

The cutest of this dish towel is beyond words...and there are birds on it.
How could you not want to bake with then sweet babies?
This bowl! Mainly, the one on the bottom. With the red swirls.

I kind of want to order 12 of these and make them my new curtains. I would also settle for one or two to hang on my stove...
This is not all that I enjoy! There is so much to look at! But, alas, these wonderful things will not be in my kitchen. I'm sticking to a budget around here. Someday, maybe, but not today...or really this month. :)

By all means, though, browse around yourself, you'll be glad you did.


Lauren said...

so funny - i totally had those on my Christmas wish list! I Love them, too!!!

Anonymous said...