Thursday, January 27, 2011

Much needed..

The weather today (and tomorrow) is gorgeous here in Edmond, OK. I mean no one can complain about 65 degrees and sunny at the end of January! And tomorrow is going to be 73!!! My heart needed this weather. So did my boy.

I am still recovering from sickness. But, take heart world! I have been given a "z pack" for this recently developed sinus infection and will soon be ready to conquer you (as in, the world) again soon! I can't wait to open my windows and let the sickness just blow on outta here!

Anyways. Since it was a great day, B and I took a walk this afternoon. Here is my tip of the day: Pulling a toddler around in a wagon while experiencing intense pressure from a sinus infection AND being tired and pregnant is a tough job. Some one had to do it, though. When we got home we played in the back yard with Piper for a bit. Ahhhhh...I love Spring!

So here are some pictures of the cute boy who is my son! :)

"A seep" You know, a sheep.

Fake smile.

What a boy does with a large stick...tries to get the bush. He would say, "I got it. I got the tree!"

I love him. Good grief in America.

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mama cindy said...!!! He is one handsome little man. Love the pictures! Mostly though I just love you and the little guy.