Sunday, January 16, 2011

RSV and the weather...

I woke up this morning feeling like death. Yesterday I was fine. The day before? Fine. Benjamin had a little fever, though. He was the one I was concerned about. Apparently, when you're pregnant and have a compromised immune system things get you a little faster (and a little stronger?!).

After coughing for hours with a pounding headache (and a sore throat, no appetite, coldness and exhaustion), I went to an urgent care clinic. And then after a mere two and a half hour (yes. 2 1/2 hours) wait, I was diagnosed with RSV. I thought only three year olds got RSV. I was wrong. The doctor told me even 100 year olds can get it. Thanks, doc. Either way, I'm not a fan of this virus.

I still feel awful and can't take anything since Beta is growing contently inside of me. Plus, it's a virus. My instructions were to take a lot of vitamin C and rest as much as possible. Clearly the doctor has never had a toddler to look after, alone, all day. Rest is not much of an option, but we'll do the best we can!

Today is certainly a day when I wished family lived closer. I could say, "Hey. At the risk of getting a bad cold, could you PLEASE come help me." Surely someone would agree... :)

So...I was looking at the weather today to see what I'll be missing for the next few days. As I scrolled down the page, I saw this:

Climate Comparison

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Right Now

Rome, Italy




Feels Like: 37°

Warmest in: October

Coldest in: July

Wettest in: October

Driest in: July

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Rome, huh? I could do Rome. Thank you for the good suggestion, Weather Channel. And even though the weather forecast was not as lovely as Edmond, OK , I was okay with at least going to try it out. It's Italy, for goodness sake! Never tempt a sick girl, or me in general, with Italy...cold, foggy weather - or not! I'll always go to Italy. The have truffles there! And incredible food. And a lot of things that I need to see and expeience first hand. See, now I want to go to Italy.

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Anonymous said...

O my friend. Sickness is not good, and sickness without meds is even worse!! blah!!! I'd come and visit you, I'd risk it and we could talk about Italy and the various foods we could partake in, I'll drink some wine must drink grape juice -- maybe that sparkling kind. :)