Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food blessings...

My friend had a baby last week. He was big and late and so very cute. I get to see him tonight! I love babies.

I remember when B was born and how all my friends brought me a lot of food. I remember sitting on my couch, slightly out of it, holding and nursing a tiny baby and thinking about what I would be getting for dinner. I remember having left overs and being excited when people would knock on the door. Also, I remember eating a lot of jelly toast. Patrick made it for me every morning because that's what sounded so perfect. I ate jelly toast for two weeks straight. It was delightful. Patrick is delightful.

That was such a huge blessing to me. I'm a firm believer in making meals for people - and not just for baby having. Are you sick? Did someone you love die? Are you overwhelmed? Let me bring you food.

So I'm making ratatouille tonight (with sausage on the sides for our guys) - with bread and apple crisp. But then I got to thinking, "Maybe I should take over a little more". And my mind went crazy! And then my hands followed. Never put me in a kitchen with a crazy mind and hands that follow. Well, unless you want me to bring you food.

I made granola last night and thought, "Maybe they would like granola." So I tossed some into a bag, incase Lauren needs a snack. And then I wanted to make cookies today. So I did. But I didn't have any vanilla, so I used almond extract in my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I like the results. So did my child. And so my sweet friends get cookies, too.

The first person to bring us a meal, Marlene, brought with her goodies galore. I mean, she went all out for us! Treats and snacks and fruit AND a meal. It was so kind and so thoughtful! And I want to pass that along. I'm sure Lauren has family and other friends providing and caring for her, but tonight is the night I get to bless her family. I only think it's appropriate to help a sister out by bringing granola and cookies. I'll even stop at Sonic for her, if she wants :)

Anyone else need a meal? Anyone want to come over for dinner? Come to my house, it's always so quite! Really. I won't mind!

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mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

you make the best meals! I wished I lived closer!! After T's surgery April '10 someone not only brought us a meal but stocked our pantry w/ things for the kids. I still can tear up thinking about it.