Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making room...

Ugh. I have nothing important to say, really. I just wanted to vent.

As we are moving things around - planning and preparing for Beta - I just can't seem to think of how we prepared for Benjamin so well. If I thought buying and decorating a nursery was tough, then I was not prepared to redecorate and prepare a nursery AND a toddlers room. Whew!

Finding a bedroom set for Benjamin has been such a burden to me. Not only are the bedroom sets expensive, you have to pay for shipping! And I shouldn't be snotty about this, but I really love this bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids. Love. it. I need to be more rational and more practical. It just seems that I've lost that part of myself (about 5 1/2 months ago). So don't even get me started on the bed I want from PBK. Or the wall art. Must. Be. Practical. and. Wise.

*Sigh* I realize that I'm making this a bigger deal than it is. I think nesting has taken over and all I can think about is how our house is not going to be ready for a baby and we have no help and we're going to be miserable. Oh wait, that's really dramatic and untrue and pretty much a lie. See, at least I recognize my insanity here! But truly, I am nesting. I cleaned every window today - inside and out. Bam! Go me. And all I want to do is reorganize the pantry. So weird.

ANYWAYS. All of this to say that I never stopped to think what making room for another baby would look like. Really, though, does anyone? Do people decide if they'll have another child because of the effort it will take to find a twin bed and dresser? No. Well, I don't think so. Sure we have most of the "baby" things we need, but what about furniture for my big boy!? And since our house is double the size of our old house, we have room for things here that weren't purchased before. (You know, a really great HUGE chair to put in our room for night-time nursing!!!!)

If you see me talking to myself or twitching, please shake me and tell me to calm down. Remind my {over-planning, need-to-know NOW} slightly obsessive self that every thing will work out. I realize all of this will be foolishness once Beta arrives. I may not even have a care in the world, but then again...okay, I might :)

In the meantime, any good suggestions on places to buy a really great bed and dresser?!


theroyalgarcias said...

YOU sound like me about a year ago today! Hahaha. Enjoy the psycho energy boost now because it will be a distant memory sometime mid-June. :) And you are right. You won't care at all at that point if Benjamin's fitted and flat sheets even match. So, go girl. You'll chill out in a day or so, get revved up again, and cycle through about 20 more times and then you'll have an amazing BABY in your arms!!!!! :) :) :)

Lisa said...

i love that bedding, too. In fact, Logan's baby bedding was the primary color version of that. (thank you, mom. only reason i got it!). And I totally know that feeling, of wanting something but knowing you can't get it and really you shouldn't care that much about wanting it anyway... yep, I know it well.

Beth said...

Stalk craigslist and make an old dresser really cute with paint! Then spend the extra money you would've spent on a new dresser on that PBK bedding... it is really cute. :)

Baby Hancock said... WORE ME OUT painting and decorating Cooper's new big boy room AND Regan's room. I have sympathy. I seriously had to sit on a stool while I painted because it felt like she was going to fall out between my legs! ha ha! SSSOOOO TIRED!! So many things to do, not enough energy! But I do LOVE Coop's room now and Len even loves it and wishes he had a room like that. :-) I too liked a very expensive bedding set for Regan's room, but I found some cool PB bedding at a yardsale for about $20 total and I couldn't pass up the savings! They were similar color schemes, and I'm glad I did it. I love being thrify AND I still love her room. I splurged on a wall decal (thank you Amanda) and a PPB diaper bag (thank you Mother-in-law). I suggest the petunia pickle bottom diaper bag backpack to any mother with two kids. Handsfree=priceless!

Cynthia said...

LOve that bedding! We actually bought it for Ethan's room, but then fell in love with another set and exchanged PB OUTLET! I wish you were could get the twin comforter for $80! :( Maybe another reason to come visit your friends in TX! :)

I know how you feel about decorating two rooms. We just experienced the exact same a few months ago. We went the eclectic craigslist route and have been very pleased. Been praying for you!