Wednesday, February 23, 2011


On Tuesday nights, Patrick goes to a guy's bible study. He's gone for about two hours and B's already in bed so it's free time for me! Now, I should have just taken a bath and gone to bed. But cleaning the house is on my mind. Always.

So I cleaned out and reorganized our pantry.

And it took me an hour and half.

Mainly because I'm OCD and rearranged the shelves three times until I like how it flowed.

Be gone, nesting!

I did make time to take a few pictures, though. Please know that in my head I thought, "Oh good, I can blog about this." So I made sure to have my camera on hand. Such is my life, I guess. And I'm okay with that.

Messy, messy. Please note that I had already started removing a few things.
I threw away so much. I felt awful about it, but it was necessary. I mean, am I going to use expired evaporated milk any time soon. No, I don't think so.
Can you even tell the difference?
{Please say yes}

Also, I made good use of the storage containers I have. Crackers, rice, quinoa, pasta and oatmeal all made their way out of original "boxes" and into these handy, stackable containers.

We had a great pantry when we lived in Sugar Land and no pantry when we lived in Indiana. I now wonder how in the world I lived without a pantry.

I'll certainly keep you posted on more insanely weird nesting projects. You have been warned.


mama cindy said...

now that's a pantry, I'm jealous!

Luke's Mom said...

Okay now you can come to my house and spend an hour and a half on my pantry--it looks awesome!

Christy cap said...

I love crazy OCD people when they're pregnant. :)