Thursday, February 24, 2011

See, I'm calm now...

Hey. Remember the other day when I was crazy and hormonal and freaked out about Benjamin and Beta's room. That's mainly over now. But I'm still hormonal.

Yesterday was MDO. Usually my alone days end up full of appointments or meetings or whatever and I'm more exhausted than rested. Sometimes that's good, but not every time. After I dropped B off, I got a skinny caramel macchiato (sweet treat for me!) and stopped by a few stores. And I walked around for as long as I wanted. And I bought things. And I thought about them and didn't have to quickly purchase and get out asap. It was quite enjoyable.

And although this has nothing to do with my post, it's been raining all morning. I love rainy mornings. Especially rainy mornings with thunderstorms. Ahhhh.

Ok. I stopped by TJ Maxx. I love that place, really. I got a great mug while I was there and I'm drinking coffee out of it now. I'm thinking I should go back and get one more. Two is always better than one.

I digress (again). As I was aimlessly meandering around the store I stopped in the bedding department. I was looking at quilts for our guest room, but I got tired so I sat on a chair that was on display. And there, in front of me, was an incredibly cute, plaid twin quilt. For $29.99. Huh. There were also really wonderful dinosaur sheets!

This is what happened: After I freaked out because we had nothing and needed everything, I stopped myself and remembered that it's just a bed. Then I thought about how much this wonderful PBK quilt was going to be puked on, and peed on, and probably shoved under the bed with crayons and play-doh. (I was trying to think like a boy) My rational took over. My desire to be frugal won out and I simply could not let myself by the {still perfect} PBK quilt.

So I sat in the chair at TJ Maxx, just starring at the quilt. Did I like it? Was it what I wanted? Did it even matter? I got a cart and threw the quilt in (and the sham and the sheets). I'm so pleased with this purchase. AND I spent $75 on all three things. That is less than half of the other quilt alone.
(you can click on the pic to see it closer)
And, you should know, we have a twin bed. It was mine growing up. It may be, quite possibly, one of the most comfortable beds ever. I had great plans of keeping it in Beta's room. But after talking it over with Patrick, I think we're just going to use it in B's room. Leaving us only searching for a dresser. And with money left over (from saving up for baby #2) to buy a bassinet (and diapers and light weight blankets and maybe a great big comfy chair!). Whew.

Aren't you glad that there is still some kind of rational in myself? I feel better already.

(For those of you who just can't stand all of these random, pointless, endless posts, Sorry. I do hope this goes away soon. Take heart. I have pictures to win you back over....)


Courtney said...

So which rooms are you using for Beta and Benjamin? (Sorry if you've posted that already and I've missed it.)

Ashley M said...

Benjamin is staying in his room and we're putting Beta in the middle room/old office. Then we still have the guest room at the end of the hall. As we have more children, and if we stay in this house, we'll put B and Beta together in B's room. Whew. Did all of that make sense?

mama cindy said...

Whew! Glad that is settled. :)