Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversations with my child...

You may not know this, but my child talks constantly. I'm sure you're surprised ;) He babbles. He makes sentences. He does both, sometimes. I'm truly amazed at how quickly a small vocabulary turned into full conversations. The things he remembers and repeats is really incredible. Being a mom is so cool.

Here is a taste of one of our conversations yesterday:
Me: B, what do you think we should name the baby?
B: Um. Cat? Dog? Maggie? (which is name of our friends dog)
Me: Well, no. Those are not good names for the baby.
B: Oh. ABCABCGHQRTS. (singing his version of ABC's)
Me: Are you singing the ABC's?
B: Ohh. Mom. Airplane. In the sky. See it?
Me: Noooooo. Where?
B: In the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...super grover!
Me: Did you see an airplane, or super grover? (he has a great imagination!)
B: airplane. whooosh. whaaaaa. whoosh. (those are his airplane sounds. kind of)

I mean, really, it's so simple and very scattered. He gets distracted very easily and we can talk about 15 things in a matter of seconds. When we drive around he loves to sing "Wheels on the Bus" and is soooooo good at singing with me and remembering what everything does. It melts my heart.

And something else that melts my heart? When these words randomly come out of my boy: I wuv wu momma. *sigh* He's so sweet. Most of the time :)

Not only do I enjoy random and fun conversations with him, but even discipline conversations are becoming easier {relatively speaking}. As in he remembers what he did wrong and can tell me when I ask. He knows certain rules and will say, "uh-oh. no screaming. sorry." (for example) when he disobeys when I didn't notice. Although disciplining is so hard and so exhausting, these are the little things that make me think my work is not in vain! Praise the Lord!

And when we're not talking to one another, B is usually talking to himself. He has found a great joy in whispering and does that randomly to himself, or me. He sings songs to himself and makes boys noises (you know, animal noises, transportation noises) quite often. He also eats dog food. Another conversation:
{set-up: It was nice out and I had the back door open. B was running in and out and playing. I caught him eating dog food and made him spit it out, then moved all of the dog's food out of reach. I'm in the kitchen}
B: (coming into the kitchen) Momma. snack.
Me: Snack? It's almost dinner time. What did you want?
B: dog food. please? Piper's food.
Me: Dog food?!!? Goodness. No, baby, we don't eat dog food. Not for a snack or a meal or ever. It's yucky.
B: (kind of whiny) momma. dog food. please?
Me: No dog food.

Good grief in America. This was a real conversation, people!!!

If we're driving somewhere that he remembers he'll start asking a thousand questions. If we drive by the horses, he'll ask if we're going to Tony and Christy's house. If we get on the highway, he'll ask if we're going to "gick (pick) up daddy at work". If we're drive past the exit for daddy's work, he'll ask if we're going to the zoo to see the animals. It's really incredible how he just remembers, out of no where!

I'm humbled and amazed by Benjamin daily. He blesses my heart. And even when we talk about the same things over and over and over again, I love every second. These precious moments are fleeting, and I don't want to miss a thing! Or a conversation!

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