Saturday, February 26, 2011

My boy...

In just 16 days my sweet boy will be two! I love watching him grow and change. But still, I have to wonder - where did the last two years go?! I don't think you can really understand how quickly time flies until you have a child to compare it to!

Here are some recent pictures of Benjamin in action. Per usual, he is being a boy. Did you really expect differently at this point!? :)

Wearing daddy's shoes while watching Elmo and drinking water. A good afternoon activity, I'd say.

More window action. He loves this window. I know I've told you this, but seriously. He's always here playing with something. Currently there are trains and small animals scattered around the window and on the floor. He just comes back to it when he's ready.

But this day, well it was dinosaur day! And please check out his cute new pants. I was trying new clothes on him when he ran away in just the pants. Ugh. So adorable!

I love this little boy!

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mama cindy said...

so pecious! I can't believe he is almonst 2 either. I love him and you!!! Patrick too!