Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few things you need to know...

And now a list of completely random information about my life. Ready, go.

*We took a tour of the hospital today and that made feel 134% better about having a baby at OU. Although, I would have liked that percentage to rise to at least 218. Maybe after the baby comes out?

*Benjamin says pterodactyl like this, "tweekle-dact". I think it's perfect and never want it to change.

*Patrick is tearing up our back deck. This is something he has wanted to do since we moved in {a year ago this weekend!!!}. Benjamin really, really enjoying "helping".

*Something that is really insane is when the air conditioning in your car goes out just when it's starting to get really hot in Oklahoma. And your 32 weeks pregnant and your feet get hot really easily. All of this is a very bad combination.

*All I really want in life right now is a milkshake. To have while we watch The Biggest Loser. That's how I roll.

*Benjamin started singing, "Baby Beluga" today. It was precious. And he also mixes songs. - Like this: Gonna ride the dinosaur I know my ABC' I wonder what you are. - Then he claps for himself. He's such a rock star!

*There is a french bistro cooking class offered at a community college near us. It's so cheap and only one day. My heart started beating faster when I read about it, but the class date is May 21st. That's two weeks before my due date. Do I risk it?

*I am 32 weeks pregnant today. And I know about 1,800 ladies who are pregnant or going to be. If you are or want to be, please tell me :) If you wait I won't remember. My mind is slowly going.

*My instability comes from lack of sleep. I bet you already figured that out, though. I'm going to take tylenol tonight before I go to bed to see if that helps take my back pain away. It's come to this point, my friends.

*I did Zumba again today and I really enjoy it. Pregnant or not, I can shake it! Beta, however, was not as excited about me doing Zumba. I think I was having contractions {or Braxton Hicks} the whole time. Or he was pushing and shoving. I wanted to tell him that he should just enjoy the party!

*We sold our bed frame and now we need a bed and a dresser. Funny, huh? We put the bed on craigslist and thought we were going to get another one the same weekend. Boy were we wrong! But, on the bright side, the mattress and box spring are the perfect size for this pregnant gal to get in and out of easily!

And...I think I'm done. :)

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mama cindy said...

I'm glad you are feeling about about the hospital. I think having a milkshake anytime is perfect. Love you!