Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet heart...

Today I had another midwife appointment. I'm at the "every two weeks" point. I like that because it's almost time to meet Beta!

Everything was going as usual: I was asking a ton of questions. My midwife was smiling and nodding and reassuring me. Benjamin was eating snacks and making a lot of noise. Then came the time to measure my uterus and listen to the heart. Good. I like hearing that strong little heart beat!

Except it wasn't as great as usual. It was strong, but there were a lot of skips. We listened a little longer and my midwife told me she wanted me to have an ultrasound and Echo to check the baby's heart. Meanwhile, she put the tight bands around me for some fetal monitoring.

Ugh. My heart was sinking a little. I woke up this morning feeling like something wasn't right and made sure I told my midwife. So glad I did! I was a little concerned, but mostly glad that God knew what was going on. I didn't let my mind wander too much, which is simply a miracle :)

To make a potentially long story shorter, here are some facts:
*The Lord allowed a midwifery student to be with Leanna today and she was having a hard time finding the heartbeat. And when they did, they listened a little longer - thus hearing the skips.

*The Lord provided a cancelation in the ultrasound department for this afternoon. So we got to go in today, instead of in four to eight days, to see what was going on.

*The cardiologist was really great.

*Amy was all over helping out and watched B for us so I could go without him to the u/s.

*14% of fetus' have arrhythmia issues.

*The Lord is loving. And powerful. And faithful. And good. No matter what.

*Beta has a "redundant foramen ovale". Which means that there is a flappy thing in his heart that shouldn't be flapping and it's causing the arrhythmia. It's concerning enough to monitor us, but not life threatening.
- Basically there is a valve that is open in utero that closes once the baby takes it's first breath. There is extra tissue on the flap in Beta's heart that makes the skipping happen. After his first breath, Lord willing, that valve will close and there will be no more arrhythmia.

*This wasn't caught at my 19 week ultrasound because the heart is the size of a dime then.

*I now go in every three weeks until I deliver for an ultrasound to monitor Beta's heart.

*And I have to wear a fetal monitor during delivery.

*I have to limit my caffeine intake so I don't make the arrhythmia worse.

*There is nothing structurally wrong with Beta's heart!

*This could be 10,000 times worse.

*1 Timothy 4:4-5 says this: "For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude..." {emphasis mine}

*Beta's heart is good because God made it, even if it's not what we would consider perfect.

*My baby boy is in incredible hands - the hands of God.

*Having an ultrasound at 32 weeks is uncomfortable and the baby is very squished. I can't imagine what 35 and 38 weeks is going to be like!

*Here is what Beta looks like right now:

face {please turn your head to the side}, which looks just like Benjamin {We think}

We covet your prayers right now. And we're so thankful for a community to reach out to. Thank you!

Please pray for my sweet baby. Pray that his heart would continue to beat strong, despite the arrhythmia. Pray that he continues to grow and thrive. Pray that when he comes out that little valve closes right up with no problems. And please pray that, more than anything, God would be glorified in all of this. Because I know that He made Beta just like He wanted him to be and that, even though I don't love it, is good by me.


heather said...

Oh, sweet Momma. You know our miracle story. The LORD is faithful to answer our prayers. He will keep you in perfect peace as you trust in Him....and I am so happy to pray for you! Can't wait to hear how God moves in this. Rest and trust, Ash! Love you guys!

mama cindy said...

I agree Beta looks like Benjamin. And, I know his little heart will be strong just like B's! I so wish I were there to make things easy for you. Thank you Amy for helping out! :) Keep your chin up Ash everything will be fine. Love you!!

Lauren said...

Love your faithfulness, Ashley! Definitely praying and looking forward with hope!

Luke's Mom said...

I definitely do not deserve any kudos for today. As any person who knows you knows, you would have done exactly the same no matter what the situation. I count myself extremely lucky to be among those who can call you a friend. I will continue to pray for you all and know that God will be glorified through this. Love you!

uherfam said...

Such sweet sweet pictures! We will be praying for your precious family for comfort and for your precious beta! God will heal and all will be fine! Love you!

Cole said...

Lots of prayers being poured your way from WV. The unknown and the known is scary--luckily we have a BIG God and nothing is unknown to Him. :)

Jeannie said...

Can't wait to meet your new little one -- love you guys