Friday, April 29, 2011


As popular as the "Royal Wedding" has been, I'd like to talk to someone about why my wedding wasn't as important to the world. Let's be honest, I'm just as "average" as Kate Middleton and Patrick is by far a better (and more handsome) prince than William. Don't you think?

Sure Will may become the King of England one day, but I know that he has nothing on my man! I think the media really missed the boat on filming and stalking our wedding. And I'm pretty sure the estimated 2 billion people who watched the Royal Wedding this morning would have been just as interested in my wedding - had there been months and months of fussing over it in the news! :)

So for us, today is just an average day: Sick toddler. Bagel breakfast date. Cleaning the house. Drinking iced tea. Waiting anxiously for daddy to get home. My life may not seem fairy-tale like, but it's exactly what God planned and prepared for me...and I love that. I may not be an actual princess, but I feel like one everyday {thanks to that fabulous prince of mine}!

So let yourself feel like royalty today...even if it means doing laundry at some point! You're just as important and incredible to the Lord as Will and Kate ;)

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