Friday, April 29, 2011

Maternity pictures...

Well, here we are. 35 weeks (and 2 days). Time, again, for pictures of me being pregnant. I've decided that this is a good time to take pictures. I don't feel {too} awful. I'm not so huge {debatable, I suppose} that I look like I'm carrying an elephant. And I can still stay up after B goes to bed. But I still fake smile in a lot of pictures. I can't help it.

There are a lot of pictures here. Mainly for my mom. I know you understand :)
And if you don't keep reading and look at the pictures...I understand.

This time taking the pictures wasn't as fun. We don't have hardwood floors. I liked having hardwood floors. Plus, we're both exhausted. And not nearly creative when we lack sleep. But I'm glad we do this. I want to remember this time. I want to enjoy this time. I want to show Beta pictures so he knows we were excited about him and what I looked like when I was carrying him.

So. Here are the pictures...

Do you like this face? I had to include a few real-life pictures.

You can't hear me, or see my mouth, here...but I was saying "Can you see this? It's a foot or something. A body part coming out of me."

The end.

I really want some pictures of the three of us, but as you can imagine that's pretty difficult. Not because we are difficult people, but when I want everyone's hands touching my belly there are no hands to take a picture :)


Lisa said...

i love these. you are gorgeous! and i would be happy to take said picture of all hands touching belly... :)

Baby Hancock said...

Getting excited for you!!!! hugs and kisses!