Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer dresses

I spotted these great dresses in the April issue of Real Simple. I think they are so great! Nothing like being 33 1/2 weeks pregnant to get you thinking of all the super incredible dresses you could be wearing this summer ;) Maybe I'll use these for motivation to kick it into high gear!

Oh, you wanted to buy me something? Sure. But please don't spend the $375 for this Milly dress. There is a lot more you could get me for $375 ;) But isn't this fantastic?! I love the white with orange and navy. And the neck line - right up my alley!
{From Real Simple - dress at}

Now this little outfit is A)More my every day style and B)A thousand times more affordable! A great white cardigan with a super cute dress! I love this. And for just $60 I could have both. That's something I could feel good about. And that doesn't even count having coupons! :)
{From Real Simple - cardigan at & dress from}

There are several dresses that I've seen lately that I think are just wonderful, but I'll hold off for a few months! The nice thing about Oklahoma weather is that the warmth lasts much longer. Chances are I can get some great dresses even cheaper by August and still wear them for awhile! Yeah!!!!

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T@R@ said...

both dresses are really cute but the top pic....what is going on with her hands?