Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catching up a bit...

Okay. Listen, I'm so sorry - in advance - for the amount of cuteness you're about to experience. I say this with full assurance: you may take a few deep sighs or cry a little tear or maybe even "oh" and "awww". And I may write a novel before you see the pictures. I won't be offended if you look at the pictures first :)

There's a lot I want to document about the last five (5?!?!) days. Conveniently enough, I have a post from when Benjamin was five days old. Looking at it reminds me that my boys look similar, but so different. And their personalities couldn't be more opposite - right now. It also makes me grateful that I took the time to write things down. I've forgotten so much already!

Andrew is quite and such a little squeaker. He only cries when he's cold or starving. Usually, though, if he's hungry he'll just make a few noises and smack his lips. He eats well and is cluster feeding right now, as newborns tend to do. He's been such a good sleeper, for the most part, and has a few awake time during the day. We all enjoy these times with him! He's a snuggler and holds on tight if he can get your hand in his. I love it. He's so small, but so long! And he's back to his birth weight. He wasted no time gaining back five ounces :)

I'm just in awe of him. Of Benjamin. Of these miracles God has given me.
I just can't imagine being pregnant and not having Andrew around. Even though it was just a few days ago, life without him seems so incomplete.

The second time around has been much easier. I remember crying so much {but give me time, people! It's only been five days!} and being so stressed out with Benjamin. I was also a lot more sore. The only thing that hurts on me now is my abdomen - you know where everything moved a thousand miles away from where it's suppose to be and now it's trying to find the way back? :) FYI: After labor contractions are more noticeable and a little more painful. I don't mind though. Shrink, uterus, shrink!

Yesterday I was talking to someone and said, "So far it's been really great. Although, I'm sure it's going to get really hard." And Patrick said, "It doesn't have too." Hum. Right. He's so right. It is what we make it. Bad days come. Good days come. It's a matter of perspective, I suppose. There will be hard days, absolutely, but there's no need to assume that our lives will be difficult and terrible and hard for the next year.

As for my sweet B, he LOVES his baby brother. He's always curious about him and very protective. Yesterday he walked up to the bassinet and said, "Hi. Hi brother. Hi brother." Ugh. It melts my heart.

Any time Benjamin leaves and comes back, he goes straight to Andrew. If he can't find him he'll ask, "Where's the baby? Where's An-dew {it's so sweet to hear him say it!}?" Benjamin likes to hold Andrew and likes to talk to him. It's incredible how much he loves him already. I can't say I expected it, though. I was completely ready for WWIII to take place. Just another blessing from the Lord in this season of life. And I am very grateful.

And real quick: Did I tell you that on Sunday night at flock {er. bible study} we were praying and our friends prayed for us and for Andrew. They prayed I would go into labor and for everything to go well and for so many things. Do you know I went into labor the next day!? I love seeing God's hand move swiftly and mightily. And I love seeing Him move through the faithful prayers of my sweet friends!

OKAY. I'm done. Here are millions of pictures just for you to enjoy ;) Did I apologize yet for the amount of pictures there are?

At the hospital. Just doing a little photo shoot :)
My mentor, Charlotte, came to see us. She's so wonderful and has been such an encouragement to me. I met her when I was 5 weeks pregnant and she has walked and prayed and listened my whole pregnancy!
More photo shoot...

Close up!
The boys hanging out at the hospital. A Curious George DVD {from my mom} was a sanity saver while B was at the hospital with us!
Andra, my doula and friend. She and her sweet family came to see us. We didn't get a picture before she left on Tuesday morning NOR did she get to hold Andrew. I'm so glad she came back to visit :)
Revisiting the fetal position...
A picture for length. I think he'll have Patrick's {chicken} legs :)
Me two days after having a baby. For reference.
Where Benjamin patiently waited for us to be discharged :)
Good bye hospital! Just so you know: We loved our experience with OU. It was a thousand times better than our experience with Benjamin {hospital/doctors/nurses/care wise}.
This is where you'll find B on a regular basis.
Daddy and Andrew.

Benjamin playing trains with Andrew. Right after this, B gave Andrew Percy - but Andrew wasn't too interested. He'd rather look at his big brother.

Just talking...
B was so excited to hold Andrew.
He insisted on having the boppy around him! haha.
First bath at home. Dislike.

That's all {for now}. I need to feed my lip smacking boy. Patrick and Benjamin are outside playing. The grocery list is made. Coupons are cut. You know, just another Saturday ;)


mama cindy said...

Oh my goodness!! Nice post but the pictures.....ah I have such beautiful grandsons (their Mom isn't so bad) ::grin:: I love the one of B talking to Andrew...reminds me of you when Beth came home. Congratulations to you and Patrick and B. Love you ALL.

Bethany said...

Oh my goodness...... I don't even think I can put into words how I feel. Love and thankful are two words that come to mind. I love you sister and you make some beautiful babies.

Jeannie said...

SIIIIGGGGHHHHH - that says it all

Al said...

So cute, what beautiful pictures. I love this and congrats to you all.