Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random thoughts a week later...

Andrew is a week old. Last week, at this time, I was hanging out in the birthing room with my new baby boy. And I remember not wanting to shower as badly as I did after I had B. It's the random things that stick out, people. I remember just wanting to lay there and snuggle. I didn't want to take for granted this little miracle that flew out of me. I wanted to praise God for him and look at him and I didn't even want to cry. A miracle in itself :) I was starving, though.

I've been thinking about how different baby #2 feels. How everything feels a little more natural and less stressful. I am amazed at how it's easier to do middle of the night feedings. Even though I'm exhausted, getting up is something I expected. I was ready for less sleep and long nights. It's an excellent time to pray and read my bible, though. And also a good time to check facebook and the news on my phone :)

I forgot how much newborns poop. I mean, seriously! How did I forget that we go through a box of diapers in a week?!? But after having an older child, it slips your mind. I change B's diaper once every two or three hours. And sometimes he even tells me when a new diaper is needed. And although changing a two year old can be challenging, it's much less of a struggle to change B than Andrew. Little legs kick, no pee control, spraying poop. I won't apologize for all of this information - this is need to know stuff for new momma's out there! :)

Nursing hasn't been as hard, either. Maybe because there is a little more knowledge and confidence. Maybe because I remember how Benjamin worked and, in hindsight, I know what I wanted to do differently. For those of you out there who love Baby Wise - good for you. I just can't do it. I won't do it. I will feed my baby on demand and I will trust his little cues for food and love and comfort. It's so much less stressful!!! And that makes it so much more enjoyable for momma.

I went to Target today to get diapers. By myself. With both boys. HIGH FIVE, ASH! {that's right, I just high fived myself on the blog!} We survived. I did bribe B with chocolate milk, but it worked and if that's wrong I don't want to be right. The lady at the deli gave him some chicken. There were samples of rocky road cookies and bread - that we both enjoyed :) I had a list of things we needed and left with only a few extras. I will count this as a success and enjoy the rest of the day at home.

Does it bother anyone else that "the man in the yellow hat" on Curious George has NO NAME?! Benjamin calls him "the daddy". Why couldn't they just name him? I do not know. And while we're discussing TV, please tell me it's not terribly wrong that we have watched a lot of TV the last few days. We don't watch Arthur anymore because they fight a lot. But we do enjoy SuperWhy and Sid the Science Kid - both upon B's request. And Curious George, obviously. Even I like George. Curious little monkey.

All I want to eat right now is toast with peanut butter and honey, fruit, chocolate, and {caffine free} Diet Dr. Pepper. Where is my nutrition knowledge? Good grief. At least I'm eating fruit, right?! I want tiramisu, but I've yet to get it. I just don't know a good place to go. And I want it to be good, friends.

Here are some things I've said {repeatedly} to my 2 year old recently:
-Don't eat your shoe.
-Don't put your blankie on the baby.
-Please stop laying on the baby.
-You can wear your jammie shirt if you put on real shorts.
-You've had enough blueberries/strawberries/grapes. Eat something else.
-Don't stick your hands down mommy's shirt, please.
-Whining and crying is not a good way to get what you want.
-If you say "no" one more time....
-Please don't take your pants off.

One final note: I have decided that I do not like tornado season. Especially since this year has been such an awful and deadly season. Last night we had a big {although, quick} storm that had crazy hail. I definitely thought someone was trying to bust through our roof. No worries, it was just large balls of ICE. I have no desire to endure a tornado and even less of a desire to get a newborn, a toddler, a large dog and myself into an underground shelter. And then get us all out. I think the hardest part would be staying calm so I don't freak out B. Deep breaths. Take shelter. Bring water and snacks. :)

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Jeannie said...

hello dear friend...new mommies get to watch as much TV as they want. It sure comes in handy when you are nursing and you have a very active toddler :)