Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornados and cute pictures...

I was just going to post a few pictures, but I thought I should tell you that we're alive and no damage was done during Tornado Insanity 2011 {my personal term for Tuesday}. We went into our underground shelter twice and I did very well not to freak out too much. Benjamin thought it was fantastic because he got to hold the flash light. Andrew slept through everything. Patrick was very rational {per usual} and was anxious to see the storm. We all had very different reactions. Clearly.

Patrick texted me around noon to tell me to get the shelter ready. I was internally freaking out. But I held it together for my child {who was clueless anyways} and got some water, snacks, clothes and files piled up and ready to go. I also ate a lot of peppermint patties. I love those things. Patrick came home from work early, praise the Lord, because I was not okay with being in a tornado alone.

The sirens went off four times, I think. I'm grateful for them, but I don't like when they go off during a storm. It's such an unsettling sound! The second time we went into the shelter was serious stuff. The electricity went off. We could hear wind and hail and rain outside of the garage. The sky was black. UGH. I would prefer to never go through that again, but we live in Oklahoma so I will not hold my breath.

The destruction of homes and lives near us is heartbreaking. Watching the news is so sad and makes me so thankful we did not have to endure an F-4 tornado. Goodness. But I was scared and it made my stomach hurt waiting and watching.

BUT on a positive note: my boys are really, really cute. I have proof! {see pictures below}

B really liked the flash light and still carries it around the house. Yesterday it was very important that he used it to look in places that were dark....
Sweet boy!

Aaaaaaand one of Andrew for good measure :)
My boys! I love this picture. It speaks volumes to me and that is so priceless!


mama cindy said...

I for one am certainly glad that everyone is okay. And...flashlights are important things, you know?? And little Andrew is having some tummy time. I love seeing the pictures to the two of them....precious. And...peppermint patties are okay.

Erin said...

Okay, I have a request...I'm quite clueless when people talk of a "shelter". What are we talkin' 'bout in movies with the two slanted doors down into the ground? A cellar? What is this thing? Can you show us pictures?
Of course, we were praying for you and praise God you all are okay. Scary stuff!