Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I learned that I can successfully go to Sam's club, and survive, with a 2 year old and a 10 day old. And I got everything on my list {even though I lost my list}.

Today I learned that Andrew really likes me. As in, doesn't like when other people hold him too long. Or doesn't like when we don't have a lot of close snuggle time. I like this a lot and, on the other hand, I don't love this.

Today I learned that B can go down for a nap 20 minutes later than usual much easier than 20 minutes early.

Today I learned that I don't love McDonald's iced coffee...but I like it better than Starbucks iced coffee.

Today I learned that your second baby seems easier because you have a toddler. When you have your first baby life seems insane and you're not sure you'll make it. But then that baby turns into a crazy, button pushing, still oh-so-sweet, very independent toddler. Then you have another baby and all they need is food, sleep, snuggles and diapers. PIECE OF CAKE, you know?

Today I learned that sometimes letting your toddler dump out is the best way to let them play. Also, if your toddler likes to play in the sink - remove all knives before hand :)

Today I learned that the "survival of the fittest" does not mean that I have to be in excellent shape. It just means that I have to be quick on my toes, alert and ready, humble, grateful and willing to thrive - at least a few days a week :) I also think it has something to do with keeping your kids alive and well. So far, so good on that one. If Benjamin survived through the first trimester of my pregnancy with Andrew, I'm pretty sure we can get through anything together :)

During my pregnancy God really humbled me. He showed me my selfishness over and over again. Now I'm so grateful for those trials. I'm so glad that God allowed me to learn - over and over and over again - that it's not about me. The first baby makes you get over yourself. Two babies takes utter dependency on God to remain selfless and steadfast. As much as it hurts and as hard as it can be, I love it. {More on this later, though.}

Today I learned that some times after you have a baby you sweat more than ever and you constantly want to take a shower. This could also have something to do with the fact that I live in Oklahoma. Or that I went to Sam's club with two kids. Or that I'm just severely hormonal. Or that my baby loves me and spits up on me sometimes.

Today might not be my best day, but it's not a bad day. I've learned a lot, though. Plus anything that isn't a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" day, well I'll consider that a success!

What have you learned today?

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Courtney said...

I learned today that the second baby is a piece of cake compared to a toddler/preschooler...until she starts crawling! So much more stuff in the house for her to get into than there was when Austin was little. Why, why is she so attracted to plastic bags? But boy do I love these little people.