Saturday, May 14, 2011


First, this is my 800th post. In my defense, it's taken me five and half years to write that many. But still, high five to me and thanks for reading!

NOW. Every year Edmond's MOM Club hosts an event called "Touch A Truck". All kinds of trucks and cars and things gather in a parking lot at the local university and you can touch, sit in, and honk horns of said trucks.

Basically this is a boy's dream come true!

I wish you could have heard Benjamin as we pulled into the parking lot. His mouth was hanging open and he randomly would say, "Whoa." Then he got pretty excited and started naming all the things he saw, "Momma. Fruck. Fire Fruck. Garbage Fruck. Ohhhhh. Whoa." He went on and on and on. He was pretty excited about this parking lot full of trucks. When Benjamin would walk, he would grab Patrick's hand and pull him wherever he wanted to go. He wanted to see everything!

His favorites of the day were seeing a helicopter and a school bus. But we saw fire trucks, police cars, tow trucks, delivery trucks, diggers, a garbage truck, an ambulance and race cars - among other things. After about 45 minutes of walking around and hearing {incredibly loud and annoying} horns and sirens, Benjamin reached his limit. He was way over stimulated and pretty overwhelmed. He cried all the way to the car because he didn't want to leave. But he did. I promise.

On our way home, we stopped at a near-by shopping plaza because they were having a kids festival. We stayed long enough to ride the train and then had to go home before we had a major meltdown. Clearly though, aside from the crying, this day was top notch in Benjamin's book. I loved seeing him so excited. And it was so fun to hear him talk about everything! I love being the momma of a boy!!!

Just a small glimpse of the trucks that were there. The lot was FULL of trucks!
Patrick put Benjamin down and he ran as fast as he could...
By the helicopter.
IN the helicopter!
Driving the race car...
School bus!
My sweet boy on the train. He kept saying, "ding. ding. ding. all aboard!"
I love them :)
Yeah for a very fun morning!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Your husband and son are TWINS!

mama cindy said...

Such a big day for a big boy!! I can just here excited. Love the pictures.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, how perfect! Austin would LOVE it if they did that in Indiana.

Jeannie said...

Yeah, that's boy heaven right there. B looks like he should be in a Gap ad or something, he's such a cutie. Get up here FAST!!

Jeannie said...

Aaaaand - congratulations on 800 posts!!!! From one blogger to another, that's just dang amazing I have to say. Thank you for inspiring me along the way.