Thursday, June 9, 2011

Differences...and some similarities...

So far, in the 23 days that Andrew has been in this world, I have noted several incredible differences between my boys. Let it be known that I'm sure that somewhere in my head I knew they would be different, I just didn't really think it would happen :) I mean, how could I know otherwise?

Let me share with you the differences in my babies:
*Benjamin did not sleep. Ever. Okay, slight exaggeration. He slept, just not well. Andrew sleeps. All. the. time. It's great. Except from the hours of 10 to 1 - we're still working that out so he doesn't wake up every hour :)

*Benjamin enjoyed the car seat. Andrew hates it. Screams if he's in there too long.

*Benjamin nursed for a long time, but he also ate a little less throughout the day. Andrew likes to nurse quick and often :)

*Benjamin was very aware of noises around him. Andrew could care less. Vacuum, screaming, Piper barking, Patrick working on the deck - unfazed. Blessing, indeed!

*Benjamin cried a lot. He has very noticeable and frequent fussy times during the day. Andrew cries if he's hungry. Or has kicked all the blankets off of himself.

*Benjamin liked to be swaddled. Seriously, we swaddled that boy until he was seven months old! Andrew does not like his arms to be confined. He is a champ at getting his arms out of the swaddle. So I've stopped swaddling his arms. I just wrap the swaddle thing around his little body and let his arms wave free. He likes that a lot, I think.

*Benjamin spit up like crazy. I'm talking projectile, all day. Changed our clothes often. Smelled gross always. Andrew spits up sometimes. He has days where he will spit up more often, but usually not too much. Although there have been two days when he has really lost it all - but every once in a while it okay by me {after having a child with refulx}.

*Benjamin had very little hair when he was born, Andrew's is dark and still all over his head :)

*I think they have different noses. And hair lines. And until about 10 minutes ago {when I looked at a newborn picture of B} I would have said they looked very different in general.

*Benjamin was okay with people holding him. As long as he wasn't hungry, you could snuggle that kiddo all day. Andrew enjoys momma. Patrick can hold him for a while, but he gets fussy after too much time away from me. AND if we're running errands or I'm cleaning and I'm not paying too much attention to him, well then he does not like that.

And now, just to be fair, I will share with you a few things that are similar about these sweet boys:
*They both have an insane sucking reflex. Strong latch. Loves the paci.

*They were {are} both pretty skinny. However, Andrew is much longer than Benjamin. For reference - When B was 3 weeks old he was 21.5 inches long. Andrew was 21.5 at his 2 week check up. This could even out, I know. I think Andrew may have more of Patrick's build {hello, chicken legs!}

*They are both pretty content. Although B cried a lot, he was a very smiley baby and was just fine {when he wasn't crying}. So far, Andrew seems to have a very laid back, easy going temperament. I know this can change. I'm enjoying it while I can :)

Benjamin at 2 {ish} weeks...
Benjamin at 3 {ish} weeks...
And Andrew at 2 {ish} weeks...

And Andrew, 3 {ish} weeks. {NOTE TO SELF: take more pictures of Andrew awake and not in the boppy...}
{I feel so bad that B has such good pictures, and so many, and Andrew doesn't!}

I'm sure over the next several years I'll come up with more ways that these sweet boys are so different and yet so similar. I love that Benjamin and Andrew are unique and so special. I love that they are different! And I look forward to encouraging those differences while they learn to be brothers.

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