Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See I do take pictures of the second child!

So I {and Kate} have been taking pictures of Andrew over the last 5 days. So now he has a lot more pictures. And they are cute :)

Andrew is 4 weeks old today. And that pretty much blows my mind. Patrick and I were discussing how it does not feel like 4 weeks. Two, maybe.

He weighs a whopping 10 pounds and when I measured him last night he was 22 inches. I forgot how quickly babies grow! Although, he's still in newborn clothes. But we moved him into size 1 diapers. *sigh*

Either way. Here is the little boy. In all his cuteness....

Sure, it's fuzzy. But how can you resist a cute face like this?

Love that soothie, friends :)
After bath time. Which he does not love.

These are from today...and this was my favorite onesie that Benjamin wore :)
Clearly, he does not mind tummy time!
You can see his baby acne. I'm so sad about it. But I know it will go away. Still. I'm sad about it.

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